16 year old Katherine is your typical rebel. She often times sneaks out of the house and goes to clubs and parties. When her and her friend Emily go to a club she meets a guy named Calum and from there on out things begin to change in there lives. Will bad girl Kat change for good boy Calum? Or will good boy Calum change for bad girl Kat? I guess you'll have to read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

Katherine's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing and the light from my window burning my eyes. i quickly clicked decline not even bothering to see who it was and then throung the blanket over my head. My head started pounding so I took my pill and then got up to take a shower. When I look in the mirror i saw that i looked like I just died and came back to life! I took my time in the shower then blowdryed my long hair and put a little bit of makeup on. i heard my phone vibrate so i went to see who it was.

"Good morning! im very bored cause puke isnt back yet so i was wondering if you wanted to go and get something to eat?" ~Calum

"Umm.... idk if thats a good idea i mean we barely know eachother" ~Kat

"Please I wanna start to get to know you and now is the perfect time!" ~Calum

"Well what do you have in mind?" ~ Kat

"I was thinking we could go get some McDonalds or something and bring it back to my place or your place if you more comfortable with that" ~Calum

Shit i forgot he thinks im an adult! I can't bring him to my house!

" Fine and we can go to your place" ~Kat

"ok I'll pick you up at 10:30" ~Calum

"Ok" ~Kat

i through my phone on my bed and put some clothes on and fixed my hair. I wasn't wearing anything fancy just some grey sweats and a tshirt. and ran down stairs and saw my dad and brother sitting on the couch

"hey dad Emily is coming to pick me up and im gonna spend the day with her"

"Ok sweety have fun" my dad said not even taking his eyes off the tv

i heard a car pull into the drive way so i slid my toms on and grabbed my phone from upstairs and ran outside.

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