16 year old Katherine is your typical rebel. She often times sneaks out of the house and goes to clubs and parties. When her and her friend Emily go to a club she meets a guy named Calum and from there on out things begin to change in there lives. Will bad girl Kat change for good boy Calum? Or will good boy Calum change for bad girl Kat? I guess you'll have to read to find out!


2. Chapter 2

Katherine's P.O.V

We arive at the club and go inside "can i see your ID?" the man asks. i pull out my wallet an show him my fake ID. I never get nervous for this part anymore cause i've done it plenty of times and no one has ever found out that its fake. "ok you can go in" he says as hands me my ID. i walk in and wait for Emily to come and when she does we go straight towars the bar.

We take our seats at the bar and order our drinks and when we get them we gulp them right down.

"im ready to dance!" Emily yells over the music

"ok im gonna get one more drink I'll be right there" i say and she nods. I try to get the bartenders attention but i fail.

"Excuse me sir can i get this young lady another one of these" the guy next to me yells at the man behind the bar and waves my empty glass in the air.

"Of course" the man says "oh and its on me" the guy next to me says and the man nods and starts fixing my drink.

"Thanks!" i say and its just now that the guy turns to me and i can see his full face. hes really hot!

"No problem! Im Calum and you are?" he askd

"Kat" i say and he smiles "Kat" he tries it out "i like that!" he says.

the man gives me my drink and i gulp it down as Calum pays

" You wanna dance?" i ask slamming my drink down. i can feel the burn go down my throat and i start to feel it affect me.

"yeah i like this song" he says and takes my hand pulling me onto the dance floor. We dance for hours and drink more then go back to dancing until its 2:00 AM and Emily pulls me off the dance floor.

"We need to go now" she yells and its just now that i notice the guy next to her.

"Who is that?" i ask referring to the really tall guy beside her "Oh this is Luke, hes coming home with me" i nod and when im about to say something someone taps on my shoulder.

i turn around and see Calum there. he looks behind me at Emily and Luke then back at me.

"can i get your number?" he asks hesatently.

I smile "yeah" i say pulling out my phone and trading with him. i type my number in and put my name in and hand it back as he gives mine back. I was hoping he would ask.

"Well i have to go I'll text you" i say and point to Emily and Luke behind me. "Ok bye i had fun with you tonight" he says shyly

I stand on my tip toes and kiss him on the cheek.

he blushs and waves goodbye as i walk alway with Emily and Luke.

"bye Cal I'll be back tomorrow so dont wait up" he winks and me and Em look at eachother and back at them

"Wait you two know eachother?" Emily asks

"Well yeah we live together" he says as we leave the club and walk to his car.

"Oh" is all i say as i get in the backseat.

The ride is quiet besides the music playing. Emily gives Luke directions to my house. We pull into my drive way and I unbuckel my seat belt "bye you guys have fun!" i say with a wink.

"bye girl text me tomorrow k?" Emily says

"yeah ok" i say hoping out of the car and right before i shut it i yell "use protection!" and run away. as i run i hear her yell "Kat!" and i just laugh.

I climb the tree beside my window and open in quietly so i don't wake anyone. i take my shoes off and unzip my dress and let it fall to the ground. i slide a huge tshirt on and put a cup of water beside my bed with a pill for when i wake up. i take my makeup off and crawl in bed. it doesn't take long until im out.

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