16 year old Katherine is your typical rebel. She often times sneaks out of the house and goes to clubs and parties. When her and her friend Emily go to a club she meets a guy named Calum and from there on out things begin to change in there lives. Will bad girl Kat change for good boy Calum? Or will good boy Calum change for bad girl Kat? I guess you'll have to read to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Katherine's P.O.V

I knocked on the door to my best friend Emily's house, she lived with her older sister who did'nt have a care in the world of what we do.

she answered the door with a big smile " Hey girl come on in!" I smiled at her and walked in and went straight upstairs to her bedroom.

"Are you ready for tonight?" I asked as she followed behind me.

"Hell yeah! its gonna be so much fun!" she said as I jumped on her bed and crossed my legs under me.

"Can i borrow something to wear?" I asked as she went through her closet.

"yeah girl you can wear whatever you want!" she said as she pulled a leather dress out for her to wear.

we are going to a club tonight with our "fake" IDs. We do it often so it is'nt that big of a deal for us anymore..

i hoped up and went through her closet to find something to wear and then i came across a something to wear then i came across a really short black lace dress that would look perfect with her knee high leather high heeled boots! i find the boots and lay the outfit on her bed then I head to the bathroom to curl my long blonde hair. When i finally finish my hair and makeup and got dressed its already 7:00 aclock and we planned on leaving at 7:30

so i run to the room and put jewlery on and grab my phone and purse.

"Are you ready?" i ask "yep!" she responds with smile "this will be so much fun!" i say walking downstairs and heading out the door.

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