Bf Or Bf?

Rosie Parker is an ordinary girl who grew up on a farm, hearing lovely story's from her best friend, Kyle Jenkins. He used to tell her story's about his farming sessions with her father, but as Rosie grew older, Kyle became in love with her. He couldn't tell her, she friend zoned him a long time ago. He was fine with keeping her close until Rosie brought home a friend from Uni, he then learns that 'the friend' wants to be more than friends with Rosie. Rosie, being oblivious never realises that either of them like her.


1. Prolouge

I grew up on a farm, in Alabama. A peaceful little farm, my father and my best friend, Kyle, tended to it. Kyle was only a few years older than me, he's now twenty one and I'm nineteen, I've just graduated Uni. I've come home to the farm, Kyle was way more excited to see me, than anyone else. He was sweet, he has always been the one to wear hats, his blue eyes sparkle like the ocean. He could get any girl he wanted. I kept telling him that, even when I was six, he used to always fancy my maid, Suzanne. She moved to New York, to become a actress. That was always her dream. But Kyle didn't approve of me, bringing home my friend from Uni, Sean, he loved going to the gym, so he compromises on the farm, by hauling food from the animals into their pen. Sean is quite muscular type, nothing like Kyle. They both mean the world to me. Even though I loved Kyle like a brother, he would never let me love anyone else. I think that's what he's afraid of with Sean...

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