Bf Or Bf?

Rosie Parker is an ordinary girl who grew up on a farm, hearing lovely story's from her best friend, Kyle Jenkins. He used to tell her story's about his farming sessions with her father, but as Rosie grew older, Kyle became in love with her. He couldn't tell her, she friend zoned him a long time ago. He was fine with keeping her close until Rosie brought home a friend from Uni, he then learns that 'the friend' wants to be more than friends with Rosie. Rosie, being oblivious never realises that either of them like her.


2. Early Start

"Come on everybody! Get up! We've got a busy day!" My mum would yell at the bottom of the stairs while my little brother hits a saucepan with a wooden spoon. Everyday routine. My family, we live on a farm, so we have to get up early do to everything. Now that my friend Sean has joined us on the farm for a few months while he finds work, he has to join in to. I only have to do a couple of jobs, but I look after the newborn ducklings. Every morning I go down to their pen and feed them. Then I put water in the bowls and make sure that the few lamps that we have are on. My parents do everything for the cows and my best friend, Kyle, sorts out the pigs. He lets me swap with him sometimes when there's piglets because I think their adorable. The noises they make are just so cute. Sometimes Kyle pretends that he's a pig and he gets in their pen and gets on all fours and he makes me stroke him. It just makes me laugh, but now that Sean has came, he just doesn't talk to me much anymore. After everyone had done their jobs, my mum made us lunch.

"So, how are you?" Asked Sean, taking a bit out of his crisp sandwhich. I shrugged, to be honest, I felt terrible, I didn't want to hurt either of their feelings. He nodded at my answer, presuming I felt that way before. He knows I'm really good friends with Kyle and I'm sure he doesn't want to break up our friendship. That's when Kyle walked in and looked at me sitting next to Sean and sat opposite me, giving Sean dirty looks. I rolled my eyes, what is their problem? Is it a crime that I love both of them, in a different way. I love Kyle like a brother, but deep inside me, u wish that me and Sean could be more than friends. But, Kyle, like a brother, he would be very protective and he would be against Sean seeing me. They haven't been the best of friends since I've got here.

"Kyle! Would you help Carl in the barn?!" My mum shrikes, Kyle just took a bite out of his sandwich, he sighed and looked at Sean, smiling away. He pushed his chair out and swiftly got up and left his sandwich on the plate. My little brother, Carl likes sitting with the chickens at lunch and my mum sometimes gets a bit annoyed when he doesn't eat his lunch.

"So, what's going on between you and him then?" Sean asked as he gestured towards where Kyle was sitting. I rolled my eyes and looked at him. I could tell that he was jealous of me and Kyle. Even though there was nothing to be jealous of.

"Nothing's going on between me and Kyle, Sean, you have to understand that." I insisted, my phone made the most annoying sound; which meant I was getting a phone call. I picked up my phone off the table and walked into the corridor, where I could have a private conversation.

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