The Zombies and the O2l's


2. The Reunion


"Really Jessica you know you can only kill someone who is dead or is working with Harris. And she isn't...... I know her"


I walked over to the fence to see why Jessica was yelling and I saw someone who I thought I would never see again.... My best friend Seanna ~ Flashback~ we were leaving town to go to Andreas grandmas and I left the house we were in and I looked behind me thinking she was right there but she wasn't I thought she let go cause she was bitten but I guess not since it's Been 5 days I ran up to Jessica and kicked the gun out of her hand and said " Really Jessica you know you know you can only kill someone who's dead or working with Harris. And she isn't....... I know her" after I said that Seanna came running up to me and hugged me and I hugged back cause of course I missed her cause I love her.

Seanna's POV

I hugged JC after he saved me and of course I would I don't have feelings for him but I love him like a brother.


And another chapters finished! 2 in 1 day! But I won't be updating any more today because I have to go somewhere with my mom then I have a Katy Perry concert to get ready for and go to with my mom but I'm thinking of doing 2 chapters everyday and there gonna get longer the more I do it so yeah tell me your ideas and if you are willing to give me your name and your favorite O2L member (not kian) then I can make you date him! Thanks for reading!


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