The Zombies and the O2l's


1. The Beginning

Seanna's POV

I hopped over the fence to a farm that looked like it was safe I looked back to the wired fence and saw the dead bodies on it then I looked infront of me and saw a gun to my face. "Wow umm do you mind getting that gun out of my face"I said to a girl that looked a little older than me and she said " I won't cause you could be working with Harris". "Who"? I asked "it doesn't madder cause soon you will have a bullet right in between your eyes" she said. She was right about to pull the trigger and then bam JC Caylen from o2l kicked the gun from her hands and he said "Really Jessie you know you can't kill anyone unless there dead or working with Harris and she's not. I know her".


Hey guys I'm o2lluver and this isn't what I thought up when I opened movellas this was a dream I had and if you like it tell me and I need more characters so tell me your ideas and I might put them in my story! Well thanks

- Seanna

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