5 Seconds of One Direction

Things have been pretty crazy for Neela Hood since Calum's her brother, 5SOS career took off. So she definitely doesn't want to tag along for the band's tour, but it becomes only option for her, and soon Neela finds herself in a whirlwind of chaos and romance she can't get out of. Nor does she want to. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.


5. Chapter 5

Neela's P.O.V. 

We we're slowly walking to towards them. I saw 5 faces, that i see almost every day on j-14 magazine website. 

"Hello." -The curly haired one said. I think his name is Harry, blonde is Niall, black haired one is Zayn and the other two are Louis and Liam. 

"Hey, guys." -Calum started introducing us. "I'm Calum, and this is Luke, Ashton, Michael." -He pointed at them when he was saying their names. "And this is my sister Neela. She's gonna be on tour with us." -I noticed they started looking at me, so i smiled a little and looked down. 

"Hey love, are you Directioner?" -Harry asked me. 

"No, sorry." -I said with my 'I dont care' voice. 

He actually looked at me with sad, and kinda disappointed face. "Oh.. Okay." I actually felt sorry for then now. Everybody was silent and it was awkward silence. I looked to Calum giving him the say-something look. 

"Soo.. Umm.. Are we ready to go?" -Calum gave them awkward smile and they nodded. We followed them to a black windowed van. Everything was full of fans. There was more Directioners but there was also allot 5SOS fans. 

We got in the van. I sat between Luke and Ash. Ash was holding his phone so i took it from his hands and opend the gallery. I was going trough our selfies, and then i saw picture of me sleeping in plane. "Oh my God. Can't believe you took a picture of me sleeping." -He smiled, and i realised that i said it very loud and everyone was looking at me. "Umm.. We.. We were sitting next to eachother in plane. I fell asleep and he took a picture of me." -I gave them awkward smile and looked down at Ash's phone before i bursted in laughter with Ash. 

We finally got to the Wembley stadium. They had to practice, before tonight's concert. 5SOS was opening act so they were parcticing first. I was standing and watching them. I looked at Luke while he was singing chorus of 'She looks so perfect'. He looked at me and started singing "She looks so prefect standing there..." -My heart melted. I was smiling like an idiot. 

My smiling was interrupted by Liam. "Can i get you anything?" -He smiled. He actually.. Seems nice. 

I smiled back. "No, but thank you." 

"Mind if i ask you something?" -I raised my eyebrowes. 

"No, go ahead." -I smiled. 

"Umm, why are you not a fan?" -I looked down. 

"I don't know.. I just.. Don't like your music." -I gave him slight smile. 

"Do you like any song from the new album?" 

"Yeah.. I like Best song ever, Better than words and Alive." -He smiled. 

"So you like rock?" -I smiled and nodded. He probably realized i like rock, because i only like those songs, that sound like rock.

I might missjudged them. Maybe they're actually good. Liam seems nice. 

"I actually listen to songs according to my moods. When i'm sad i listen to those sad, slow love songs. When i'm happy i listen to rock, but when i'm very, very happy... It's probably rap or heavy metal." -He smiled and looked over to my brother and the rest of the boys. They were singing Amnesia. 


Hello baes. Since i've been updating so much lately, i've decided not to update until i get 10 likes and 10 favorites. Good luck guys!! :))

~Neela xx 

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