5 Seconds of One Direction

Things have been pretty crazy for Neela Hood since Calum's her brother, 5SOS career took off. So she definitely doesn't want to tag along for the band's tour, but it becomes only option for her, and soon Neela finds herself in a whirlwind of chaos and romance she can't get out of. Nor does she want to. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.


24. Chapter 24

Neela's P.O.V.

We all went back at hotel after rehearsal. We needed to get ready for tonight's concert. "Here you go." -A woman gave us the key to our room.

Me and Gemma decided to take a room for ourself. But our brothers wanted us to take a room right next to their, so we did.

Our room was actually better than
other rooms. We walked inside and and checked the room out.

It had 2 bedrooms with king sized beds. Both bedrooms had a bathroom. "I'll take this one." -Gemma pointed at the door. I nodded and carried my bags to second room.

I unpacked the stuff i bought. "Are you gonna show me what you bought?" -I asked her.

"You'll see after i get ready." -I nodded and smiled at her.

"I'll go and start getting ready. See you in 1 hour or longer probably." -She nodded, smiled and went inside her room. 

I took my stuff and walked to my room. I placed the clothes on my king sized bed and went to the bathroom.

I decided to take a shower first.

After i took a shower, i wrapped myself in a towel and searched for my underwear. After i got my underwear on i once more wrapped a towel around myself and warmed up my hair curler.

While waiting for it to warm up, i applied my make up. I picked silver eyeshadow and skin-colored lipstick.

After my curler warmed up, i curled my hair.

I got out of the bathroom and and toom my dress. I pressed it against my body and looked at my reflection in mirror and smiled. I looked nice.

I got inside my dress and i put on my heels. "You done??" -I heard Gemma yell from outside my room.

"Yeah." I yelled back at her.

"Get out then." -I opened the door to see Gemma in amazing black dress and black heels with diamonds on it.

"Wow. You look amazing." -I shouted at her. She smiled ear-to-ear.

"You're not to bad yourself." -I half-smiled.

"Selfie?" -She nodded in excitment. I took quite few selfies. "This one is going on instagram!" -I smiled while looking at my phone.

I looked down. "Do you think Luke's gonna like my look?"

She raised her left eyebrow and shouted. "Of course he will! You look amazing." I gave her slight smile.

"You're not so bad yourself." -I winked at her.

She smiled. "Let's go to their room." -I nodded as i picked my purse and walked out of our room.

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