5 Seconds of One Direction

Things have been pretty crazy for Neela Hood since Calum's her brother, 5SOS career took off. So she definitely doesn't want to tag along for the band's tour, but it becomes only option for her, and soon Neela finds herself in a whirlwind of chaos and romance she can't get out of. Nor does she want to. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.


2. Chapter 2

Neela's P.O.V.


"One Direction? Seriously?" -I asked Ash. 

"I bet you're one of those Directioner girls." -I gave him 'what' look. "But i guess not since you're not fangirling." 

"I'm not a directioner. I don't like One Direction. At all."  -I don't know why are they so excited about it. It's just a freaking boyband. "Why are you so excited about it?" 

"Why are we so excited?????" -Calum screamed at me. 

"Calm your fangirling tits Calum. They're just a boyband. Just like you guys, but there is a diffrence. You guys are million times better." -I smiled at them and they smiled back.

"Sooooo??" -Ash looked at me. 

"What?" -He rolled his eyes. 

"Are you coming on tour with us??" -My eyes wided. 

"Am i coming with you guys, so i could spend 3 months with those 5 spoiled idiots?" -I made a short pause. "Well i don't think so."

"Ahhhh, c'mon Neela. It's gonna be fun." -Once again i hear Luke talking. As much as i wanted to say yes at this moment i just couldn't. But Luke did asked nicely. He was so cute somethimes.

"But guysss... I really don't like One Direction. I don't feel like spening 3 months with them." 

"It's not like you're gonna hang out with them all the time. You got us too." -Calum said. I looked down. 

"I don't want to." -I said with baby sad voice. 

"Come on.. Do it for mee.." Luke said. 

"And for me.." -Ash said. 

"And for me tooo.." -Michael said.

"And for your big bro. I ain't leaving you alone Neels." -I felt bad. 

"Guys, stop making me feel bad. I said i dont want to go." -I felt even more bad. 

"Okay.." -I heard Luke say.

I'm very crazy. I could've spend next 3 months with my crush, my best friends and my brother. Who cares about 5 idiots. 

**Later that day**

"What do you mean i can't stay here?" -I yelled at my mom. 

"You're not old enough to stay home by yourself whole summer. I'm sorry but it's either tour with your brother, or you're coming with us." -They we're going to my grandma's house. I really love my grandma, but i dont think i could live without tv, WiFi, and social networks. Yeah. That's right. My grandma doesn't have tv or WiFi. 

"Fine. I'm going with Calum then. Screw you." -Oh my God. Did i just say 'Screw you' to my mother?

When i realized what i said, i ran off to living room. The boys were still there. 

"Change of plans. Boys, i'm coming with you." -I ran off to my room before my mother could come and yell at me. But i heard boys smiling. 

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