5 Seconds of One Direction

Things have been pretty crazy for Neela Hood since Calum's her brother, 5SOS career took off. So she definitely doesn't want to tag along for the band's tour, but it becomes only option for her, and soon Neela finds herself in a whirlwind of chaos and romance she can't get out of. Nor does she want to. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.


13. Chapter 13

Neela's P.O.V. 

"What's wrong?" -Louis asked. I handed him my phone. His eyes wided. 

"Noooo." -I nodded. 

"What's going on??" -Calum ask as he got up and took my phone from Louis' hands. 

"Oh my God." -Calum said just before he bursted in laughter. The other boys where wondering what's going on while Calum was laughing his ass off. Well it wasnt so funny to me or Louis. 

He handed my phone to Ash. Ash started laughing and gave it to Niall. Niall gave it to Zayn, and Zayn gave it to Liam. Liam gave it to Harry, and Harry gave it to Michael and Michael gave it to Luke. Everybody was smiling, but it wasn't so funny to me, Louis or Luke. 

Luke looked kinda mad or jealous? "Come on guys. Stop laughing. Harry said. They are ovbiously not dating.. Are you guys??" -Our eyes wided. 

"No!!" -We said in the same time. Harry bursted in laughter. 

I got my phone from Luke who was still looking at the picture of me and Louis on J-14 website. I turned my twitter on and tweeted. 


Neela Hood @Neelas_Hoodie 

Just becaue i watch movies with my friend late at night and he posts a selfie of us two, doesn't mean we're dating. 


I looked over at Ash giving him come-with-me look. He followed me to the other side of the bus. 

"Did you reall had to laught that loud??" -I said. I was whispering. 

"Please. Don't tell me this wasn't funny to you!" -He laughed again, and when he looked at me i started laughing too. 

"Okaaaay, it's funny. A little." -I laughed more. "But still. I'm annoyed by this." 

"Oh, shut up. This is way better than being at your grandma's in the middle of nowhere." -I nodded. 

"I love my gandma, but i.." -He stopped me. 

"Its ok. I know." -He hugged me. 

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