5 Seconds of One Direction

Things have been pretty crazy for Neela Hood since Calum's her brother, 5SOS career took off. So she definitely doesn't want to tag along for the band's tour, but it becomes only option for her, and soon Neela finds herself in a whirlwind of chaos and romance she can't get out of. Nor does she want to. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.


1. Chapter 1

Neela's P.O.V.

"Wake up sis.." -I heard him calling for me. I remember grabbing something laying next to me and throwing it at him. "I'm not buying you new phone if you mess this one up by throwing it at me." 

"Whaat? Did i throw my phone at you? Oops, i guess.. Can you just let me sleep?" -I already knew the answer, but yeahh. I tried. 

"Kay. I'm gonna get some water..." -I opend my eyes, as he mentioned the water. 

"Calum, don't you dare." 

"Get up?" -I heard his smirks from bathroom. 

"Kay, i'm up." -I smiled at him. 3 days ago, he actually spilled this huge bucked full of cold water on me while i was sleeping. It was very stupid of him. He got slapped. 

I walked to my laptop and turned 'Amnesia' on. I loved my brother's songs. My favorites were Amnesia and She looks so perfect. I logged on my twitter account. Every day, i was getting more, and more followers. I know it's all because of Calum, but i still love the fact that 1 min after i tweet, i'm gonna have 100+ retweets and favorites. 


Neela Hood @Neelas_Hoodie

Good bannana morning <3 xx


I tweeted and logged out. I took a "Morning selfie" with my blue iPhone 5c that i threw at Calum few minutes ago and posted it on instagram. I went in bathroom, washed my face and applied some make up. 

I walked downstairs to see Luke, Ash and Michael sitting on the couch. 

"Good morning boys." -I smiled at them. 

"Morning Neels. 'Sup?" -Ash said and smiled back at me. He was my best friend and he knew all of my secrets. Well.. Almost all. I haven't told him that Luke is my crush. I wish i have but he would've probably tell him and i didn't wanna take the risk of him finding out. 

I sat between Ash and Luke. It was weird that they got here so early. "Soo.. Why are you guys here so early?" -I turned to Ash. 

"We have some good news." -My heart started racing as i heard Luke's voice. I turned to him. 

"What news?" -I smiled at him, and he smiled back. 

"Let's wait for Calum to come down first. Ok?" -He smiled at me once more. I returned a smile and nodded. 

"Sooo.." -I turned back to Ash. "Did Calum use his water treatment to wake you up?" -I started laughing. 

"Happily nope." -We all laughed untill we heard Calum walking down th stairs. 

"Soooo.. What are the news?" -We heard Calum yell. I smiled. 

"Guess who are we going on tour with!" -Michael said in excitement. I raised my eyebrowes. 

"Just tell us already." -They laughed and Ash started talking. 

"One Direction." 

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