This story is set in present day, and it's main character is a 17 year old girl. I got the inspiration for this from all of my favourite books, but I've tried not to copy them too much. Don't worry there is a love interest in this story, but this book will not be soppy at all.


1. Annoyance


The author of the fanfiction I've just finished has about as much inspiration as One direction's songwriter.

Peeta and Katniss marry, have children blah blah blah. That's just the epilouge anyway. Although that doesn't bother me with Divergent fanfics. I ship Fourtris so much it hurts. I've always shipped them. 


I suppose that might be why I've never said yes to any of the boys who've asked me out. You'd think they'd have learned by now that they have to match the standards of Tobias Eaton. So I suppose I'm dying alone.

I suppose my school is the English version of one of those classic American high-schools. I am constantly pestered to join that clique with the pretty blonde girls who wear pink all the time. I don't really understand why. I am fairly slim and very tall, I have long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. My style consists of mainly jeans, baggy t-shirts and plain Doc Martens. I have never thought of myself as pretty but clearly others have different views on the matter. 

I hear the start of Ed Sheeran's Don't, my ringtone, so I pick up my Nokia phone to discover that Samantha Black is calling me. Samantha is the head of the clique everyone wants me to join, I suppose. I don't really know why I have her number, but she would have a fit if I deleted it. Or didn't answer it, for that matter. So I decide to pick it up, because I value my life.



"Brooke! Hi darl!"

"Hello Samantha."

"So, we have you're 17th birthday to discuss, right? It's only a month away after all! I think it would be really great if we had some of those little- " The thing is, when Samantha starts to babble on, you can't fit in a word. I decide to interrupt her.

"Yeah, that all sounds great, but I've already organised a party, just a small get together. I'll be sending out a text soon."

"Oh, that sounds great, as long as I'm invited! Hahaha!"

I wasn't planning on inviting her, but after this conversation I felt I had to. My heart is not made of ice - unlike some author's. I also think it will be entertaining to see her costume. Yes, that's right, I'm having a costume party. Although, it's a fandom themed costume party! I'm going as Tris Prior, I'm going to write that on the text so no-one copies me. 

I send out a text to all of my friends - and Samantha and her lot - saying the date, time, theme and also not to come in the same costume as me. The party is in two weeks, so I quickly take a look on amazon for Tris' Dauntless tattoos. I decide to get the ones that wash off, as I don't think my parents would be very happy if I got 3 raven tattooed on my collarbone, and the Dauntless and Abnegation symbols tattooed on my shoulder.

The first to respond to my text is my best friend, Tasha Stanford. Although she didn't text me, she rang me. I knew she would. I picked up the phone quickly, too quickly, and wondered if I sounded too keen. I was excited about this party, though.

"Tasha? Did you get my text?"


"So why are you calling?"

"Because of your text."

"Why didn't you just text me?"

"This is too important for a text."

I sigh. "Tash, it's just a party, and I'm going as Tris, so I really doubt that you costume will be better than mi-"

"It's not about the party, well, it sort of is, but this is really serious."

"What's going on?"

"Well, I gather that you invited Molly, Samantha's friend?"

"Yes, but I was roped into it I don't actually-"

"Yeah, yeah I don't care. So you two don't get along right?"


"Well, she told Niall Turner to come along, and I think he's coming as Tobias, you know, because you're Tris..."

I swear under my breath.

Niall is such a loser. He's one of the many boys who're interested in me, except that after I shot him down the first time, he tried again, then again and again. Although it's worse than most of the guys, because Niall is the biggest loser in school.

"What am I going to do?"

"The only thing you can."

"What's that?"

"Think of an extremely elaborate plan and act it out like you're on Doctor Who."

"What do you have in mind?"

"You tell Niall not to come, then tell Samantha that Molly is messing with you're party, she'll deal with her. The next stage will be to tell Niall to ask Molly out, and then he'll be constantly pestering her, and not you."

"Okay, we'll put the plan into action on Monday."

Tasha launched into a long explanation of her character as Effie Trinket, and how expensive the wigs are so she's making her own. That should be fun.


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