Eyes, Nose, Lips {Iwatobi}

Why do you choose to hurt me...Why can't you love me instead? {AU Free! Iwatobi}


2. O N E


 I sobbed looking at every old happy pictures in my room. All of those pictures were of my sharp toothed grouchy boyfriend and I before he started playing around...I couldn't stand looking to see his lips on another's then he brushes it off like it's nothing when I confront him about it. It was like this every week, month, and holiday's. He never considered my feelings...ever.
 The door creaked open and a shadowy figure appeared, I looked up at the figure with blotchy eyes. 

 It was Rin. My boyfriend. 

 I stared at him, with tears streaming down my face. He softly frowned at me then slowly walked over to me. 

He reached over,tapping my shoulder. I shivered at his cold touch, I could smell the stench of his masculine cologne, "Are you oka–"

 Rin paused and looked around the room, it was a huge mess. I ripped apart some of the pictures of us together, the books and magazines; all of them tossed off the book shelf, and my bed unmade, "I'm sorry..."
 I stayed quiet but spoke after a few minutes,
 "Hn...that's new..." 
 "What is?"
 "You're actually finally apologizing for cheating on me a shit load of times. Good job Rin," I spoke quietly and softly as usual. Rin pursed his lips, unsure of what to say.
 My eyes lowered to the ground, "I'll clean this up...don't worry about it."

 Rin gave me a small frown, he kneeled down and kissed the top of my forehead.
 "I really am sorry, Haru."

 I nodded slowly, I could feel him petting my hair gently like he always did when I'm upset, "it's late you should sleep..."

 I shook my head no and wrapped my arms around him, hugging him. 
 He actually cared. 
 Honestly all I want is him...just to myself...No woman or man to come between us but with Rin it's impossible, only for tonight I just want him though. Just one night.
 Slowly he hugged me back, he nuzzled his head at the crook of my neck, "I love you Haru..."
 I smiled a little and quietly told him I loved him too. He may play around but he's still sweet and caring as always. 

 He pulled away from the hug and pushed his lips onto mine. 

 A single tear roll down my cheek, his soft heavenly lips are touching mine. They're not on another's this time but on mine. Just mine.

 Rin started kissing from my lips to the single tear drop. He kissed it so sweetly I couldn't help but let another tear drop,
 "Ah sorry-"
 "Shh...it'll just be you and us today. I promise you, I won't hurt you any longer." 

 Rin kissed me one more time and everything went uphill from there.

 That memory stayed in my mind until I caught him the next week. 
 He doesn't love me is what I thought. He just loves hurting and lying to me... I only assumed these not knowing the real reason why.

{ A/N: Kwaaa the song gives me feels QwQ Hopefully the first chapter was good! The very first chapter is the English version of Eyes Nose Lips by Taeyang :3 I really got inspired from this song to make a RinHaru fanfic. Hnng I'm working hard for the new chapter since I have a 'life' jk I have none except rping like a loser cx –Taeyang ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ }

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