Mistake Girl

Alex Armstrong always make many mistakes and the same thing over again. She does not know why and who she got from. She was adopted by a new family when she was ten year old. She has no memories from her family, friends, where she come form and what is her real name .
Will she remember her past and who she really is. This story shows a lot of drama and romance that she face in high school


6. The Truth

Chapter Six The Truth 

At night everything changed Alex rolled left and right. She remembered the kiss so well. She screamed with excitement. She jumped for joy and she looked at her phone. She drew a circle with her finger on the screen. It showed Conner and his messages. She sighed and then a loud flick of the door.

Her sister Megan took her phone and she looked over Alex, 'Who is Conner?'

'No one,'

'Really are you dating?'

'What you are four am I dating?'

'I won't tell,'

'Fine I am,'

'Mum and Dad Alex got a boyfriend!' she spin around and she dance into her parents room with Alex's phone.

'Hey give back!'

Next day Alex was walking by herself and she saw Jay. She raised her hand to said hi. She let her hand go down. What could she said she rejected him, he probably is mad at her. She took a deep breath and she said, 'hey Jay how are doing?'

'How am I doing?' Jay looked confused.

'Okay not so good?' Alex looked uncertain.

'Correct I will over it, I don't know right now that we can friends now.'

'Wait?' he ran off and Alex tried to catch him.

Ella tussle her mouth at Alex, 'look like Alex made a mistake, you rejected the most popular boy in school. So Alex what are you going to do?'

'Leave her alone!' Conner puts his arm over Alex's shoulder, 'why don't you piss off?'

Ella smirk, 'Why should I ?'

'I am dating Alex!' Conner leaned forward to Ella's face.

'Really Congratulation,' Kent applaud and he walked up to them.

'Kent?' Alex asked.

'What do you want?' Conner grabbed Kent's collar.

'Nothing I am not into Alex.'

Alex pulled Conner away and they walked to school, Ella stood next to Kent.

'Kent what are you trying to pull?' Ella asked curious.

'Never you mind,' he beamed at her.

Alex was humming and drumming with her pen and Anne smiled at her, 'what are you so happy about?' Anne asked curiously.


'Really Why you are writing Conner and you?'


Alex screamed and she looked at the notebook, Mr White told her not to scream in class. She sank sit and she covered her face. Anne leaned forward and she said, 'sorry are you are dating Conner?'



'Did you tell Jay?'

'Yeah he is not happy.'

'Oh.' Anne leaned back and she looked the window. To see Conner was there, Conner was there, she looked at Mr White, he scribbled on the white board. She quickly write to Conner she threw it on his head. He looked up and he was quite confused. Alex stared at Anne, 'Why you did that?

'Don't worry,'

Conner looked at the note from Anne, 'Meet me at the rooftop at lunch break. I need to talk to you.'

At lunch break Anne stood with cross legs and hair bound with the wind. Conner walked to her and he patted on her shoulder, 'So what you want?' he asked.

'Nothing, is it true that you are dating Alex?'


'Conner have you actually move on?'

'Yes what with you?'

'Nothing I guess she remind me of Linda. Just that we have on silence for a long time,'

'You started this,' He folded his arms and he looked other way.

'What you didn't listened to me you almost got killed. I mean Linda was a sister to me and she was much older than us. You know it she didn't see you as a man!' she covered her mouth, 'I am sorry.'

He smirk, 'it's fine I have feelings for Alex not Linda.'

He stepped forward, 'what about us?'

Anne took her hands of her mouth, 'Well we can try be friends,'

'Come on Anne.' Wayne took her hand, Conner laughed, 'okay sure Anne we can be friends if Wayne is okay with that?'

'What?' Wayne snapped.

'It is fine, Wayne,' she peck on his cheek, he smiled, 'fine Anne.'

Conner and Anne looked each other and they both remember how they first met. They met each other when they were ten years old. Anne saw Conner with Linda playing on the sand box. Anne cried she wanted Linda to play with her only her. Linda patted her head and she said, 'Conner and Anne love you both please get along.' Ever since then Anne and Conner came friends for Linda's sake. Anne and Conner grew to like as good friends.

In class Arina was staring at window and she whispered to Alex, 'What you are doing this weekend?'


'Hmm I want to do something fun like go to the beach,'

'Why not?'


'Maybe I can convince Jay to come,'

'Wait isn't he angry on you?'

'Not ever, are you going to help?'


After class Alex and Arina were through to class got help from Wayne and Anne. Wayne treated Jay for lunch. They were eating on the rooftop with subway sandwiches. Jay had meatball sandwich and Wayne have cheese and salad sandwich. Jay felt funny and he wasn't sure, 'you don't treat me you never treat me?'

'It is fine don't worry,'

'So when are you ready to talk to Alex?'

'What you mean?'

'I heard you aren't talking to her?'

'So what?' he bow his head and he shrugged his shoulder. Wayne took a slip on his spike and he said, ' Well is it unfair you don' want to talk to Alex because she reject you. Do you rather want her to lie to you that she like you?'

He lifted his head and he looked down at Alex talking to Anne and Arina. He felt his heart dropping and his mind was broken.

'No,' Jay said.

'What you are going to do?'

'Run away.' He dropped his sandwich and Wayne chased and he called Anne to catch him. Anne speed up and she dash to grabbed Jay. Jay quickly move away and Arina tried to catch him. He slide to the side and Alex was around corner and she grabbed him and she threw on the floor. He was smack on the ground. He wide and she puts her hands on his side. She had tears on her eyes. She cried and she cried so much , splashes of tears fall his cheeks.

'Jay I understand why are you hurt, so am I hurt too. I want us like before. I am so sorry that I hurt you and I still to be with you and talk you like we are good friends!'

He hugged and he patted her head, 'I am sorry I was being unfair okay we will stay friends, but if Conner make you cry I will hurt him.'

Arina, Anne and Wayne hugged them and Arina patted on Jay. 'Are you doing anything this weekend?'

'No why?'

'We are planning to go the beach wanna to come?'


After school Conner was waiting for Alex, he spotted Ella with Kent, they were talking but she was not happy. She walked away and Kent smirk and he walked away. Conner didn't care and he continuing waiting for Alex. Alex walked and she smiled and she held on her bag. He grabbed her hand. She smiled like electricity and she leaned on his shoulder.

'This weekend are you free?' she asked.

'Yeah, why?' he asked.

'Let's go to the beach.'

'Okay when and what time?'

'11 and on Saturday I meet at my house.'


Later that night Alex was packing her things, towels, swim suit and some clothes. She patted Meg and she looked at her. She saw a light bell and it make a ding noise. She shield her ears and she looked up Meg. Meg leaned on her.

'What's wrong with me?'

'Oh yeah I forgot where is my camera?' She looked over her room and she went to her parents' room and she looked over the boxes. She found her small blue camera and next to it was a flower hair clip. It was blue and had blue flowers beside it. Her mum came in her room.

'What are looking for?' her mum asked.

'My camera, is this yours?' she passed to her.

'Hmm it was yours, It didn't give you didn't want it remember?'

'Really can I keep it?'

'Of course, bring a lot photos okay?'

'I will.'

As Alex observed the hair clip, she remember another piece of her memory. A small hand gave the hairclip to her hand. She figure out his face or see him it was a blur. She shake and she looked on it, has been fifteen years that her memories hasn't back much. She questioned herself will she get her memory.

'I have to keep packing.'

The next day Conner was not happy and he was annoyed. He thought it was a date instead, Jay, Arina, Anne and Wayne. He drunk his head and he was disappointed he wanted a date only with Alex alone. He sighed and he followed into the beach house. He dropped his stuff in the living room.

'So where do I sleep?' he asked.

'Oh well there is only two rooms, Anne, Alex and I sleep that room. You, Jay and Wayne sleep there,' said Arina.

'What I sleep the same room as this guy?' Jay and Conner pointed each other.

'It will be good,' agree Wayne.

'Oh I wanted to stay the room with Conner.' Alex her month with realising.

Conner's face flashing red and he dragged Alex away. Wayne laughed and he turned to Jay, Jay 's face was blank. He stopped laughing and he said, 'Come on let's buy food, Arina what do we need?'

'Well we got food, maybe you guys buy some drinks like coke, orange juice and some snack.' Anne and Arina went to the kitchen. Jay and Wayne went out to the shops. Conner took Alex in the bed where she going to sleep. He pat on the bed and she sat next to him.

'Alex you are being cheeky again,' he leaned over and he smirk. She looked away and she was a bit timid.

'Conner I am sorry.'

'It is fine I wanted to sleep the same bed with you. Anyway you told why you call mistake girl?'

'Mistake girl, Ella call that first, because I always make the same mistake. I don't know why?'

'Is because you are not fully relax?' he looked closer to her eyes. She smiled,' that is right I don't know to acted. I never told anyone about this except my parents know. I have amentia I don't know who I am or my past.'

He patted her hair and he kissed her forehead, 'why you telling this?'

'I don't know I feel like I should.'

'Do you have anything that was left by you?'

'Yeah I do.' She open her bag and she picked up the hairclip. A piece of her memory, Conner's eyes alert and he asked, 'Is it yours?'

'Suppose to be, I don't remember, however I didn't want it.' He touched it and he analyses her face. He stood up and he didn't said anything. Then he didn't said anything, he suggested 'Come on let's go outside.'


Wayne and Jay were buying crisps, chips and chicken nuggets. They were picking what drinks to bring.

'Man what wrong with you?' Wayne punched Jay.


'What you think, how long keep this up with Alex?'

'I don't know I know we should be friends just I don't know.'

'Has ..' he paused.

'Wayne Arina has confessed to me I told her I don't feel the same,'

'But Jay ?'

'I know you trying help me out but I don't know right now. Come on let's some fun I will be fine,'

'I guess don' push yourself.'

At night time firework lighted up the night, Arina, Anne, Jay, Alex, Wayne and Conner group together and they took photos of each other. They ate outside and they danced. Alex jumped and Conner jumped as well. They laughed and they spin around.

Alex needed to go the toilet. She went up the stairs and she stopped by Kent. Kent slugged on the side and he walked up to her. He grabbed her and he covered a cloth on her mouth. Her body collapsed and he carried her into the shadows without a sound.


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