Mistake Girl

Alex Armstrong always make many mistakes and the same thing over again. She does not know why and who she got from. She was adopted by a new family when she was ten year old. She has no memories from her family, friends, where she come form and what is her real name .
Will she remember her past and who she really is. This story shows a lot of drama and romance that she face in high school


5. The fight

Chapter five The fight


Alex was laying on her bed, as she resting, her thoughts run wild. She stared the photo of Linda and Ella as they were kids. Who was this Linda and she feel Linda is close by. She shake her head and she slapped both her cheeks.

'She can't be alive. Conner said she is gone, why I feel like she is here. I must be crazy.' Meg walked to her and she jumped on Alex's lap. She purred and she curled on her. Alex looked over and she patted her.

'You like Ella don't you. Well she had a cat that she look like you,' Meg got up and she sat there staring at Alex. Then Meg jumped off and she walked away. Alex rolled her eyes, 'weird cat.'

There was a knock on her door, it was her sister Megan. She peered through and she sat on Alex's bed. Alex totally forgot to hide the photo. Megan snapped out of her, she analysed the photo, Alex tired to take off her, Megan screamed, 'Stop it who is she, is this you?'

'No I don't a girl from school dropped it. I am planning it to give tomorrow,' Alex quickly hid the photo away.

Megan went closer and she looked at Alex's face, 'Alex will you get your memory back?'

'Eh I don't know, it haven't come back,' as Alex was packing the photo in her bag. Megan was distraught, 'I don't want you get your memory you might leave us. You might go back to your old family.' Alex patted on Megan's head, she hugged her, 'even thought if that happened I don't think I want to go back. After all you are my family and I enjoyed here and..' Alex 's phone rang. She looked at her phone, it was Conner, 'Megan we can talk more tomorrow,'


'Hello,' there was a voice over the window, Megan looked over, 'Megan what are doing, I need to talk on the phone of my friend alone,'

'There is a boy standing outside our house,' Alex carried her phone, 'I am sorry Conner I can't talk to you right now, my sister said there is someone outside our house.'

She paused and it was Conner waving like an idiot. Megan shouted outside, 'Who are you?'

'I am Conner, soon to be your sister's boyfriend,'

'What, I never said that?!'

'Alex he is cute, it is true about you two?' asked Megan.

'Just go, Conner I am coming down, I am going to get my jacket.'

'Okay I will tell mum you are gone,' she ran out of the room. Alex sighed and she took her jacket and she walked to Conner.

'This better be good,' Alex crossed her arm with displeased.

'You're hungry ?'

'No I just ate dinner,'

'I haven't let's go,' he dragged her over his shoulder. He tooted along whistling in a happy tune. Alex punched his back and she wanted to get off. They stopped at a food stand.

'We couldn't went to your workplace,' suggested Alex.

'I want to eat, something else,' Conner held her tightly, 'can you drop me off now,' she demanded.

'Fine, it was fun,' As he dropped her slowly and she looked around, 'for you maybe, what do they sell?'

'Oh fish, squids and crabs, I am going to have prawns, squids with the rice,'

As he was eating he gave a spoonful to Alex to try.

'Really you don't have to,' Alex puts her hands in front of her.

'Come on it is good, it is a little spicy,'

'Well spicy food I am not good eating it.' As she tasted it, it melt in her voice, she loved it, ' well it is good,' she took another bite. Conner was impressed that she ate half his food.

'Woo I didn't expect you like it,'

'It remind, something..' she stopped.

'What is wrong?'

She remembered a blue flowery hair stick, and she shake her head, 'nothing, so do you eat by myself this food stand?' she asked.

'Yeah most the time', he said. The shop keeper gave them a bag, 'here some cake for free, you two make a good couple.' Conner smiled and Alex cover her face, 'we are not, like that.'

'Why not?' Conner smirked.


'Well it seems he disagree,' she laughed, as Alex narrow her eyes at Conner. He had a carefree smile.

The next day Alex saw Ella and she walked up to her. Arina and Anne were walking in the same distance, they saw Alex running to Ella.

'Hmm why Alex is going to Ella?' Anne asked.

'I don't know, we should go up.'

Ella walking with Michelle, Alex called out, 'hey Ella, here you dropped this,'

'Oh thanks, but seriously giving this to me, doesn't mean we are friends,' she smirk at her.

'Seriously what is your problem ever since we were in the same class you always push me around. I was thinking not to give back your photo. But I did I am nice person.'

'What you want Alex a reward?'

'No, I want you to said thank you property,'

'Fine here is your thank you,' Ella almost slapped Alex's face. Until Conner stopped her, she pushed off.

'Sorry I didn't mean to, I think you got competition with Jay who is standing,' Ella teased.

Jay stood there and he swung a punch at Conner's face.

'What was that for?'

'What you think, there is always when you come,' shouted Jay.

Wayne dragged Jay away, Arina tried stopped Conner. Both teachers both stopped the boys fighting.

Kent came up to Ella and he took her away. Alex was so confused didn't know what to do. They were fighting over Alex.

'Get off your hand off me, Kent what are doing here ?' Ella threw her hand off him.

'I transferred yesterday I knew you came here,'

'Really what are you doing here?' she observed his eyes.

'Don't worry I am not here for you. I am here for Alex.'

'Alex why?'

'That is nothing your business,'

Kent stroked off and Ella was clueless, why was Kent here for Alex.

Jay was walked to home, he was stopped by Alex,

'Alex were you suppose be school still?'

'Yeah I got things to do, Jay why did you do that. There was no need.' Jay looked away from her, no silence, 'look Jay I know you couldn't help it just I want you to stop.' Jay snapped at her, 'What about Conner, he should stop too!' Alex patted on her shoulder, 'Jay want us to be friends, I don't want to lose you can you accept that?'

He looked down and he turned to her, he hugged her, 'I am sorry, I don't want to lose you. You should see Conner,' he fade smile.

She nodded and she call Conner, he didn't answer, she call, she call and she panic more.

Ella followed Conner, Conner turned around and he asked her, 'what do you want Ella?'

'Nothing, just that you were brave to stand a fight with Jay.'

She strikes a kiss and his eyes was alerted of angry.  They kissed and she stopped, Alex saw it and she ran away. Conner slapped Ella's face, 'stop it you done enough.'

'Why is Alex remind my sister too much?'

'No she is different.'

Alex ran away and she almost tripping over, lucky Conner held her arm, 'Alex is not what you think'

'You kiss Ella, how could you,'

'No she kiss me, wait why you care I thought we are friends,' he talk back, she stopped crying and she frozen a minute.

'Okay I like you a lot, you drive me crazy.' She was looking down on the ground. He lifted her head and he smiled, 'I feel the same.' She looked puzzle and she said, 'I know that already. He kissed her passion and she kissed back. As they kissed, she smell his hair and she held him tightly. He picked her up and her eyes wide and he kiss her again.

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