Mistake Girl

Alex Armstrong always make many mistakes and the same thing over again. She does not know why and who she got from. She was adopted by a new family when she was ten year old. She has no memories from her family, friends, where she come form and what is her real name .
Will she remember her past and who she really is. This story shows a lot of drama and romance that she face in high school


2. Realtionship can change


Alex shut the book and Conner had distraught face, but he bottle it up and he said no words. Then he roared of laugher and he said, 'don't worry about it,'

'Who is she?'

'She is someone that I know in my past. However she passed away. She was a friend who was two years older than me,'

'What was her name?'

'Her name Linda Wu,'

He patted the drawing and he followed the tracing of the drawing. He had no tears just an emotionless face, slowly a fade smile appear on his face. He closed the book and he packed his bag, 'Anyway what are you doing here?'

'Me, well I want to sign up for art class,'

'Oh okay, well class isn't on only Wednesday, next week is good to come. You can sign here, let me get the papers,' he went to the draws and he rumbled through them and he took the paper. He landed them on the desk.

'Here you go,'


As Alex examined the paper, he was looking at her with dumbfound face, 'What is it?' she asked.

'Nothing I like you,'

She drop back on the chair and she come thundering and slamming almost landed on the floor. Until he lead up on the table and he secured her body with a bridge style. She gazed in his brown chestnut eyes. They both went silence not a word and they frozen that position for a whole five minutes. She pushed him gentle and she swiftly. Her face turned a flash of red. He got off the table and he moved the papers off the table.

'I am sorry I didn't mean started you, you are interesting that is all,' he said and he mask his face of his feelings.

'It is fine I am going to take it home and read it later,'

'Sure, so do want to eat something?'

Alex waited a thought and she said, 'okay where?'

'I know a good place, you like ramen?'


Alex and Conner went to his work place called Dine with Tokyo. Inside the restaurant was shaped a Japanese house with sliding doors, the tables were colour beech and the wateriness and waiters were dressed in traditional outfits.

Conner waved at them with humble and he hugged the chef and he pointed at Alex.

'Hello everyone, hello Raymond,'

'Who is this, your girlfriend?' Raymond curiously asked.

'Err no,' Alex said and her face was blooming of rosy pink.

'You never know I think she is thinking about it, ' Conner gave her a cheeky grin and he pulled her along. Everyone cheered as they went to a table. Raymond came over to them.

'So what you would like to have?'

'You know what is my favourite,'

'Of course and drinks?'

'Green tea will be fine,' Conner said and he stood his hand out and Alex looked uncertain and she rested her hands. She looked at the menu and him, 'So do you work here?'

'Yeah guess what I do?' He arched his hands and he rested his elbows on the edge of the table.




'No the boss,'

'What?' She leaned off the table and she about do the same thing again fall off her chair. He quickly grabbed her hand and he roared of laugher, 'really be carefully, I don't want to lose you,'

'Is this guy is flirting me?' Alex thought, she shake her head and he was just grinning at her. Raymond hand them a bowl of egg and fry pork ramen. He handed Alex some chopstick, but she frozen, because she didn't know how to use them.

'Here is a fork no I am a training chef, so where are your parents from?' he asked.

'My parents well I was adopted and my foster parents were born in England,'

'Oh sorry,'

'It is fine I like living with them sometime I want to know my real past,'

'What do you mean?' He stared in her eyes, her iced eyes and she spoken a soft tone, 'I have amnesia for a long time since I was ten, I have no memories what so ever, I have no clue at all.'

He got a note book and he ripped a page and he quickly dotted something. She looked over what he was writing. It said, 'My name is Conner always remember because I want to be there for me like I will too. I will always take care of you and I want to know on your mind. I want us to be good friends. Alex Armstong I think you are interesting, funny and creative girl which I won't forget!'  

Then he scribble something on the page and he fold in a star and he whispered a hush sound, 'That bit is a secret a wish that I made for you,'

She leaned forward, 'What is it?'

He leaned forward too and he wink, 'you can't know.'

Alex murmured, but she gave him a thankful smile, 'thanks Conner I will keep this.'

'You' re welcome let's eat.'

As they walked in the milky sky and she held her paper star, Conner pulled his himself to her high level. He examined her eyes, 'you definitely mix with English and Asia.' She freaked out and she checked her hair, 'really a lot of people said that?'

'Hmm well you did well in your new life which is good,' he compliment her.

'Thanks I like my new life I will said my life, anyway what about you what are really like?'

'Like you have to see?' He give her a smirk and he lifted himself up and he waved good bye. She watched him as he walked away, 'Conner I think you are interesting too,' she whispered.

Next day Alex was getting her books from her locker and she spotted Michelle. She waved her cheerful and she was about give her a hug. Michelle hauled her and she said, 'oh Alex don't talk to me,'


'You see why,' She bounced her hair and she strike away to class. Alex stood there and she confused what happened. Arina came over and she asked Alex, 'What with Michelle?'

'I don't know, we know each other since the year seven,'

'Don't worry come on.'

Ella studied the situation and she had a wicked smile, 'this should be fun.'

Arina and Alex headed to class, but Alex was continue worry about Michelle, 'what happened is because I didn't hung her yesterday?'

'No I don't think so,'

'Well I guess you are right she doesn't usually act like this.'

Then they heard an alert of gasping and screaming in the hallway. They decided to followed it and it was Conner his hair was a sandy blond and he had furious face.

'Yes?' he asked Alex.

'Nice hair,' she smiled.

He darted a dark look at her and he stormed away, 'What with him?' thought Alex.

At break time Alex she cornered Jay in the library and she masked behind a book, 'Pshh Jay what happened to Conner?'

'Hmm, let's talk outside.'

They sat down and Jay explained to Alex what happened between him and Conner,

'A lot things has been happening between Conner and I. I told Conner to some putting the blame on me, he said is not his fault. We had this big fight.'

Alex was looking at Jay's hair his hair style changed, not extreme just spiky, 'so you decided your hair and he decided dyed his hair to blond?'

Jay's face explored in shock and anger, 'what I didn't tell him to do that, I said changed a little of your appearance, not dye his hair. Mum is going to kill him if she find out,'

'Would she have anyway?'

'No I hope not aww man just great. Wait is that Wayne and Anne talking?'


Jay kidnapped away in the bushes and he hushed her to be quiet. As they watched Wayne and Anne.

Wayne rested his hands to Anne's to hers, 'So Anne would go with me?'

'Yes,' she hugged him tightly.

Alex glowed in happiness and she was about to scream, Jay covered her mouth and he advised, 'I am glad they asked each other, I wish I had the courage.'

'Really who do you like?' She bowed to him and she studied his expression. He hid his redness face and he coughed, 'no one I am just saying,' he stood up out the brushes and he walked sticky away, Alex was confused and she moaned, 'what is wrong with everyone today?'

In history class Alex was pounding her thoughts and she placed the pen on her lips. She looked over at Conner. Conner was in art class. She questioned her thoughts, 'I wonder he is okay, he look okay now. Hmm I wonder what he is painting?'

Conner caught her staring at her and he stopped painting, her face stood still and her cheek lifted pink. Then a grey, messy cat storming in and it landed on the window still. Alex fell off her chair and Conner smiled at her. On the painter that he drawn was a snowy mountain with peachy sun beside it.

Alex got up and she told the teacher,' I am going to get some water,'

'Please do,' the teacher was stunned and Alex shield herself embarrassment.

 Alex was drinking from the water foundation and someone tapped her shoulder, it was Conner. He had a mischief smirk and he said, 'Nice accident if you keep this up you might fall for me.' Alex pushed back and she screamed at him, 'In your dreams.' She pouched away and Conner smiled of her actions.

Alex was walking home she was on a search for Michelle. She caught her and she grabbed her and she asked for answers, 'Michelle why are doing this?'

'Doing what ?'

Michelle was wearing layers of make up and her hair was tie up in a side pony tail she look like spiting image of Ella, 'why what happened?'

'She was right Ella was right about you, you will forget about me and I shouldn't know you. You are a rubbish friend,' Michelle shriek. Ella followed with her and she smirk her and Michelle was threw a slap at Alex. Conner shield his hand in front of her. He dragged Alex away and Ella looks furious and jealous darkness her skin, 'you will pay Alex,' she thought.

Alex was covered in tears and Conner pulled her away. They went to a park and he held her head and he laid her head on his chest, 'it is okay Alex you can cry,' Alex was pouring tears and he held her tightly. She moaned, 'I thought we were friends how could she do this to me?'

'It is okay come on I will get some ice cream, here some coke.'

'Okay thanks.'

'Wait here.' He dashed to get some ice cream. Alex waited calm and she drank the coke. A grey muddy cat crawled up to her and it stared at her. She stopped drinking and she said, 'You have a easy life, you are stronger than me,' She patted the cat and the cat purred. Alex picked the can and she tidied her sadness, 'you want to see something cool?'

She lift the can and she gave powerful and deadfall kick. It flew across the street and landed in the bin. Conner saw gimp of it and he clapped, 'Woo that is impression, and..' he was staring at the cat. A flash of memory came in his mind a brown hair was playing with the same cat, 'blue bell,' she said.

Alex waved reparative to his face, 'what is wrong?'

'Nothing is that your cat?'

'No this the same cat who scared me off and I fall off my chair.' She patted the cat, 'bad cat.'

He stared the cat and he tried pat the cat, the cat let him and it purred and it leaned on Conner's leg.

'It seems to like you?'

'It is a female, here the ice cream.'

'Thanks, hmm there is a pretty woman with Jay.'

'Damn come on.'

Conner took Alex behind the brushes and Alex rolled her eyes, 'really come on this is stupid who is she?'

'My mum,'

'Your mum I thought you went home last night,'

'Why you think shhh?'

 The cat pounded on Conner's ice cream and he screamed and he held the cat, 'Thanks a lot,' he stared at the ice cream and Alex handed her ice cream. Instead he took a scope of ice cream from her spoon.

'Hey I just ate that?!' She chased him down and the cat followed as well.

The pretty woman turned around and Jay asked her something, 'what is wrong mum?'

'Nothing, just nothing come on let's hurry home.'

Conner catches for air and Alex turned around the cat followed them, and she closed it and Alex patted it, 'I think it is a stray?'

'I can't look after it my dad is allergic to it?'

'Oh I guess I can,' She picked up the cat and Conner patted her 'now Ms Cat look after Alex she is a very clumpy girl,'

'Hey!' Conner hopped and he leaned to her, 'Don't worry Alex forget about Michelle, you have good friends with you,'


'I am sorry earlier on you know Jay and I..'

'I know Jay told me,'

'Hmm so you like my hair.'

Alex didn't know what she was doing and she couldn't help herself and she scored his hair. His face lift up and he hid his face, 'I like it' she said.

'Alex are flirting with me?' he magically with smirk on his face.

'No!' She quickly walked away. Conner trailed her, 'yes you did, you did, you are smiling!.'

As they are laughed with each other. Alex admired Conner's personality and she knew he was right she has good true friends. 

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