Mistake Girl

Alex Armstrong always make many mistakes and the same thing over again. She does not know why and who she got from. She was adopted by a new family when she was ten year old. She has no memories from her family, friends, where she come form and what is her real name .
Will she remember her past and who she really is. This story shows a lot of drama and romance that she face in high school


7. extra Anne and Wayne story

Chapter six extra: Wayne and Anne's Story

This is a story how Anne and Wayne met each other. Wayne was in her class she hate him, he  always do perfect everything. Every tiny detail and even he make a mistake his frustration compare a much higher level.  They never talk to each other and they always pass each other. However she could not stop looking at him and why she concerned.

Every Saturday her brother Michael set up fencing class and one day she was late because she was studied all night and her brother tried wake her up.

'Anne, wake up,'

'No five minutes,'

'No you know what I am going head to you.' He left the room and Anne slowly raised her body and she freaked about the time and she ran quickly and she grabbed some clothes and a toast. She took her equipment. She dash quickly soon as possible and she end the club. She catching her breath and she lifted her head and she saw a man under the mask. She was not sure who was it and she slightly confused.

'Your name is Michael right?'

'Yeah why?'

'I will challenge you,'

'Why who are you take the mask off?'

He revealed himself and it was Wayne and he wanted challenge Michael. Anne's jaw dropped. They decided to fight and Wayne blocked the moves where Michael tried to hit. A few seconds Michael was on the floor and Wayne leaned over. Anne puts her mask moved forward she put her sword and she pointed at Wayne. Her eyes lead of anger and she raised her voice.

'It will challenge you,'

'You are in my class?'


'Even better,' he smirked and he made a move, every movements he makes, she dodged and block it.  She moved in and she saw a opening and she moved in. He fell down to the ground and his face was god smack.  

Next day Wayne acted different more normal less perfect and he did not care. He kept staring at Anne. He was confused with his feelings and somewhere he went up to her.

'I want to apologised your brother can I see him please?' he begged Anne.

Anne was surprised and she paused and she asked, 'really why?'

'Because I want to make up to you I like you a lot and I didn't realised that,'

'You like me ?'

'Is okay I don't need to hear answer right now,'

'Wayne hmm I don't know this sudden too honest I like you too, and I was concerned about your obsession being perfect, you are already perfect you who are.'

Wayne 's face blushing and flaming up, he didn't know what to do. She leaned over a soft and tender kiss. His mind melted and he held close to her.

After a few weeks Wayne apologized to Anne's brother and he proved Anne's brother will take of him and he promised him he will make her happy. After for that they started to talked each other and help each other. Wayne improved himself for her to be a better person.  


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