Mistake Girl

Alex Armstrong always make many mistakes and the same thing over again. She does not know why and who she got from. She was adopted by a new family when she was ten year old. She has no memories from her family, friends, where she come form and what is her real name .
Will she remember her past and who she really is. This story shows a lot of drama and romance that she face in high school


4. Conner's first love story

Alex pushed away and she masked her palm of the kiss that he left. She raised to slap him, he held her wrist and she accused him, 'You are playing with me aren't you?'

'No, if I was, why are you mad then?'

'I don't know, just that girl in your sketch book, I know she is not just nobody, am I right?'

He looked at Alex and he analysed it, 'Well she was a girl is Linda I used to loved and she passed away because her parents' house and she was in it. I couldn't save her, I have moved on and because you I have feelings for you.'

Her reaction was confused and shocked, then Conner's phone rang.

'Yep, okay I got things to do anyway I will talk you later,' he hung up and he patted her on head.

'It is okay you don't have give an answer, we can friends right now,' he beamed at her.

'What about your confession and your kiss?' Alex got up and she tried gather her words.

'A preview and it will much better next time.'

The next day Conner was on the bus and he head to a temple. He went the woods and there was Linda's grave. Right there was an ash pot. There was many flowers and a photo of Linda. He got his sketchbook of her and he ripped a page of sketch of Alex.

'Hello Linda, don't worry I haven't forgot about you this place and this day when you left this world. I want to said I found someone that I loved, you were right I will find her and I hope you like her.'

He took out a sketch of Alex, 'this is Alex Armstrong, she may look like you, her personality is different; funny, tomboy, clumpy and ...she is beautiful in her own way.'

He goes back his memory where he first met Linda, they went to the same school together in the countryside. He was ten year old and he tripped over and he injured his knee. Linda came slide over stairs way.

'Hey you boy ?' shouted Linda.

Conner turned and he tried to get up, 'What?'

'You are hurt,' she smiled.

'And your point is ?' He got up and his knee was bleeding. She bent down and she took a band aid.

'Here you go,'

'Thanks what this, got bunny on it I am not a baby!'

'That is right, if you were a baby you wouldn't be tall. My name is Linda what is yours?'


'Well Conner let's be friends.'

Even since then Linda and Conner were always together, Conner fall for her and she thought as him as a brother. He smiled and he said, 'I remembered you helped me when I was injured. I guess you are right I am too much a younger brother to you.'

He heard a noise a stomping noise and he instance turn around.

'Conner is that you?'

'Who's there?'

'Shane, what are you doing here?'

Shane is Linda's dad and her mum passed away before Conner born. Linda's dad is loving and caring person, but he is very judgemental.

'I should be asking you are here, shouldn't you be in school?' he walked up to Conner with grudge eyes.

'Linda's anniversary, that why I came,'

'You still have feelings for her, stop chasing her, she didn't have feelings for you, you are too young for her,'

'I know that, I was here that I have moved on,'

'Move on who is that?'

'A girl in school.'

'That is great I happy for you, you can leave now!'

'Fine.' he bowed his father and Linda's grave. He did look back at her father.   

In school Alex was walking to class A history class and she searched around Conner. Jay spotted her and he hoarding around her.

'Conner is not here today,' one his classmate said, Ella got up her seat and she swiftly walk to Alex, 'that is right he is not right, you should know right?'

'Shut up Ella,' Alex walked away, Ella peeped up and she threw her fist at her, 'what how dare you?!'

'Alex hey come back I need to talk to you,' Jay chased her, but he stopped a boy with dark hair and grassy green. He was blocking her, 'hey hot stuff.'

'What do you want creep?' Alex narrow her eyes at him.

'hmm don't you remember me?'

Alex's mind felt strange and she found a weird memory, a boy with black hair raised his hand and he was grabbing her and she tried to pushed away. She shook her head, 'who are you?'


'Kent. .I don't know, you must be mistaken right?'

'I don't think so, you did forgot about me.'

Conner's storm came through and he grabbed Kent away from Alex. He grabbed up the shirt and Jay tried to find out what going on. He stopped and his body won't let him move.

'What is wrong with me, Alex is there?' Jay thought.

Conner and Kent were a lone and Conner puts Kent up the wall.

'What are you doing here?' demanded Conner.

'Me I just transferred here today, she is kinda cute she reminded someone, my future wife,' Kent smirk at him.

'Future wife, that is not her, it is Alex not Linda,'

'Is she I didn't know that she is hotter than Linda.'

'Why, why you are here?' Anne came up to them, 'Kent is nice you transferred, don't flirt with Alex,'


'She has someone have line for her,' she winked at Conner and he laughed.

'That is right so back off.'

'Do whatever you like now you got competition now.'

Kent pushed off Conner and he striker off, Conner turned to Anne, 'thanks Anne I thought you are still mad at me?'

'Of course I am, but I know you like Alex a lot it is real. So did you confessed her?'

'I never tell,' he beamed.

'What about Jay you know he like her?' He stopped and he didn't turned around, ' I know we will see.'

'Conner don't do anything stupid.'

'Yeah whatever.'

'He, he, he never listened.'

Wayne and Arina were walked together and they saw Jay looking at Alex. Arina was blushing and confused with thoughts.

'Are you going to talk to him, he has been standing for a long time. I think Alex is leaving right now?'

'Wait how you know?'

'Isn't obvious, come on go.'

Alex made a move and she walked up and Conner stopped her with ice cream.

'It is lunch time,' he danced around her.

'Oh right I forgot, where were you anyway?'


He puts his arm over her and she bounded him back, 'stop it someone could see us.'

Jay stared Conner and Alex, his fist clutched. Arina patted him on the shoulder, 'Jay there is something I need to tell you.'

'Yes, come on,' Wayne rooted and Anne came up, 'hey Wayne what are doing for lunch?' He took his hand and he swapped with her, 'lunch with you dear come on.'

'Eh okay?'

Jay kept looking at the distance of Conner and Alex, he turned around to Arina

'What is Arina?'

'I like you a lot.'

Jay's face fall with anger and he smirk at her, 'Arina I like someone else, right she closed with my brother you like me why?'

'You are funny and kind to me.'

'Arina thank you , you know we only stay friends that it.'

He walked away from Arina, her tears fall and her heart shattered into pieces. Jay's words stabbed her, 'you know we only stay friends that it.' Jay stormed off and his back did not turned.

At the way home Jay waited for Alex and he told her to stay here. Arina looked over and she strike off and Wayne and Anne chased her. Alex was about to make her move, but Jay stopped her,

'We need to talk now,' Jay demanded.

'What is it?'

'Let's go somewhere privacy okay?'


Wayne, Anne and Arina were walking together. Anne looked back, 'we shouldn't wait for Alex,' Anne catching your breath. Wayne patted Arina's shoulder, but her face was flood with tears.

'What is wrong?' Wayne asked.

'Jay rejected me and he wanted to be friends. He acted like a different person when he told me,' Arina wimp.

'Jay you like Jay when why you didn't tell us,' Anne complained.

'Actually I noticed and I didn't tell you,' Wayne raised his hand.

'Oh, I guess you didn't tell us because Jay likes Alex?' Anne felt her pain.

'Hmm,' Arina nodded.

'What he said to you?' Wayne glanced at Arina.

'Well he said he like someone, but his brother like her too. we only can be friends that it.' She cried some more.

'That is harsh,' Anne hugged her.

Wayne's face stormed with anger, 'That it!'

Jay and Alex were alone at the park, he cleared his throat and he clutched his fist as they sat on the swings.

'Sorry we need to talk, I like ..,' he looked up at her, her face was confused.

'I like you a lot Alex.'

'Jay I don't know how I feel right now. At the movement I am confused,' she looked down at her feet.

'What do you mean?'

'I can't said the right words,' She got up and she said, 'I need to be alone I am sorry Jay'. She drifted away until her shadow disappear.

Conner saw Alex and Jay talking but his eyes roses with furious. Wayne spotted Jay and dragged him across. Conner watched him and he walked away.

'Wayne what is wrong with you?!' Jay shouted, he was thrown onto the wall.

'Arina you made her cried, she liked since you guys as neighbours,'

'I know, I can't help it, you know it. Beside Alex doesn't know how she feels for me or my brother,' he looked away. Wayne pushed away and he punched him.

'Hey what that for ?' he held his jaw.

'You should at least apologised to her,'

'I guess you are right.'

He got up and Wayne puts his shoulder and he pushed his cheek, 'Sorry man,' Wayne apologised.

'No you were right, what I said to Arina was uncool. I was being selfish.'

Alex was hunched up and she looked up there was her cat. Meg and she was playing with Ella. Ella patted her, she looked like a different person.

'Aww you reminded my old cat,' she smiled.

'Wow she acted different,' said Alex. Ella heard Alex and she got up, she smirk and she walked away, 'oh hi Mistake girl,' she trotted away.

A piece fall from Ella's coat pocket and Alex picked up, it was photo of Ella and it was the girl Linda, Conner draw her in her sketch book. She looked for Ella and she analyses the photo and she turned it, it said, 'I miss you my sister.'

'Sister, Ella is Linda's sister?'

Alex stood with her pool of confusion and she stared at the photo. Meg walked down and she purred and she leaned on Alex's leg.

'Meg were you Ella's old owner?'




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