Mistake Girl

Alex Armstrong always make many mistakes and the same thing over again. She does not know why and who she got from. She was adopted by a new family when she was ten year old. She has no memories from her family, friends, where she come form and what is her real name .
Will she remember her past and who she really is. This story shows a lot of drama and romance that she face in high school


3. Chapter three: Competition begins


Alex, Arina and Anne went to grabbed some food in the cafe. Anne was timid of the fact she had a date with Wayne.

'So what are you wearing?' asked Arina.

'Hmm I am not sure I never went on a date, Wayne is the first guy that I like,'

'Oh doesn't matter I am still single,' admitted Alex and she kicked her chair. Arina pulled her body over.

'Really Alex so do you like someone?' Arina banged her with her elbow.

'Seriously I don't like anyone,'

'Not even Jay or Conner?' joked Anne.

Alex level up her hands and she innocently said, 'look I like Conner and Jay as friends that is all,'

'So you wouldn't mind me taking one of them I would choose Conner,' A female voice came no where it was Ella. She slammed her hands on the table like thunder crashing down.

'So Alex you wouldn't mind right?'

'You have no right to take him,' Alex narrowed her wise eyes at her.

'Why you like him?'

'Even I do or not, none of us has the right to take him. It is his choice.'

'That's right,' Conner defended Alex.

'Conner what are you doing here ?' Alex stepped back and Conner held her hand. Anne got up and she dragged out the scene. Arina took Alex away and Ella left with confusion.

'Arina what is going on, why did Anne took away Conner ?'

'It complicated they used to be friends,'

'What happened?'

'I don't know the detail but it is better we don't know.' Alex focused on the floor with sadness and messy thoughts running around in her head.

'Conner what are you doing?' Anne swung him on the wall.

'Me, come on I was helping out Alex?'

'I know thanks but I don't want you get hurt again, especially she look like Linda and she passed away about two years. This is why we are not friends, because you didn't listened to anyone not even me,' her heart was tight and pain drawn through her skin.

'I am sorry I don't think Alex that way. She never can be Linda. I have moved on and even thought I still think of her at times. I know the truth, beside I like hanging with Alex.' He had shallow smile and Anne leaned forward, 'you like Alex a lot ?'

'Yeah I do.'

Out of no where Wayne and Jay overheard it. Jay crushed his can of coke and Wayne took step back, 'that can't be good,' he took away Jay out of the scene.

Anne came back to Arina and Alex, Alex was not certain what to said. Anne faded a smile and she changed the subject, 'do you want to some shopping tomorrow to help me out?'

'Sure, Alex?' Arina signal Alex and Alex pretend she was okay what happened, ' Sure what time should we meet?'

'Like at eleven at the shopping centre,' Answered Anne.

'Okay cool let's do that.'

The next day Anne's brother Micheal dropped off Anne. Alex and Arina were drooling of his good looks. He got a bit creepy and he drove out his life.

'Hey you guys that is my brother!'

'Sorry Anne you didn't tell us you have a good looking brother,' Alex elbow her.

Anne rolled off her eyes and she ignored that comment.

They went off to search the right outfit for Anne's first date. It was a difficult and struggle journey through colourful fabrics what she would wear. Alex found a stupid shirt and persuaded Anne to wear it and Arina humped her eyes away. Until they found one and she wore a pale blue hat and orange floral flowing top with dark blue jeggings.  Anne adored it and she spin around.

Alex spotted Jay over the food court. He had load of shopping with him. The girl went to sit with him.

'Hey Jay what are you doing here by yourself?'

'Oh hi Alex no I have to do some shopping for my mum,'


He smiled at her and Anne was thumbed her words for advice, 'Jay can you helped me because I have a date with Wayne?'

'Really sure, I will use Alex as an example.'

'What I didn't agree with this?'

Jay blanked out what Alex said and he dug her with chip, 'like this guys or girls like to feed each other like this.'

Alex blushed out loud and Arina immediately stood up and she announced, ' I am going to the toilet.'

'Okay,' said Jay.

 Arina stared at her reflection her emotion pulled through and tears kept falling. She placed her hand on her chest.

'What's wrong with me?'

She swept her tears and she washed her face, until the her tear vanish. She took a deep breath. She said , 'Come on you have to be strong so Jay like Alex, but doesn't mean Alex like him right?'

Alex asked a question to Jay, 'So Jay are you talking to Conner?'

'No not yet, it is hard,'

'But you guys lived each other right?'

'No we don't,'

Anne looked away and at moment of silence came through, Jay coughed and he said, 'it okay my parents are divorced. I lived with my mum and Conner lived with my dad.'

'Oh I am sorry I didn't mean,'

'It is okay you didn't know that,' he chirped and Arina were green as jealously break out.  She held her ground and she pretend nothing happened.

At the way home Anne, Alex, Arina and Jay walked home and they had to separate ways . As they walked by they saw Conner talking his dad. Anne walked away and Arina felt her pain, 'She still mad at him.'

'Yeah I hoping she gets over it,' said Jay.

'How long this happening?' asked Alex.

'I don't know I think for two years ago, anyway I don't know the detail much. All I know it  involved with Conner's first love,'

'Jay!' shouted Arina.

'Arina Alex will know soon by Conner mind as well.'

'I am going walked with Anne,' Alex followed home.

'Look like I am walking with Arina, we haven't done that a while,'

'I wonder why?' Arina  mumbles under her breath.


'I means that would great you should walked with Alex?'

'Why we are neighbours.'

'Because you like her,' she thought and she said, 'never mind.'

On Sunday Anne and Wayne were on the first date. Anne was timid what to do, Wayne looked down her expression. He gave a gentle smile and he held her hand. She laughed and he said with a happy voice, 'that is much better Anne.'

They went to the movie and they enjoyed each other company. Somehow they felt natural like they have dating for years. All her nerves disappear straight away.

Alex was off some food shopping she accident dropped an apple. A boy stopped he picked up, 'Aren't you clumpy one,'

'Conner shut up,'


He patted her head and she playful punch him. Jay saw them and he call Conner's phone. Conner picked up, 'What do you want ?'

'Stay away from Alex,'

'So you want war between us,'

'I agree.'

'What happened?'

'No one oh crap Ella and Michelle.'

Michelle and Ella saw them and Ella flirted with Conner, 'you look good Conner.'

'Come on let's go,' said Conner and he drag away, 'hey come back now.'

Alex and Conner played basketball. She asked, 'let's play basketball if I win you make up with Jay. If I lose you can do what ever you want.'


Conner and Alex got ready to play. She got the ball and she dodged it. He snatched the ball and he scored the ball. He burst of laughter, 'Anyway Jay and I are talking now, now but things might be complicated,'

'Why didn't you said anything!'

'I want to see reaction the deal goes on,'

'Oh right okay what you want?'

 Conner leaned over and he gave a sweet passion kiss on Alex's lips . Her eyes wide open and she look over Conner.

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