Mistake Girl

Alex Armstrong always make many mistakes and the same thing over again. She does not know why and who she got from. She was adopted by a new family when she was ten year old. She has no memories from her family, friends, where she come form and what is her real name .
Will she remember her past and who she really is. This story shows a lot of drama and romance that she face in high school


1. New beginnings and strange conclusions

When Alex was ten year old, she lived in a care home. She has amnesia did not have any memory of her parents, where she live and what was she like. The care workers took her and they assumed she was ten year old.

Most of the time Alex sit by the window just staring at it. She did not play with other kids and she was very quiet, this worried the care workers. They tried to persuaded her to talk to the kids. She would not said anything and she sit by the window. She almost look like she was waiting for someone.

One day a young couple came in the care home. The children line up to see them. The care worker showed the children and the couple looked at the children. The lady with brown curly hair and she wore navy dress. She saw Alex stared the window. She puts her hand out and she smiled.

'Hello would you like to come home with us ?' Alex looked down at the lady hand, she nodded and she held her hand. She slowly smile and she said,' thank you.'

When she was in year seven Alex always make the same mistake like it was curse. Like she make her clothes drawer and she tripped over. She forgot her homework once she got three seconds. She believed Father Christmas until she was twelve. Somehow no one point out at her and she didn't know about she couldn't help it. She was called the mistake girl.

Three years later Alex had a little sister Megan. Megan was about three year old and she had short blond hair and big brown eyes. She always wears dresses and she acted a bit girly. She sometime envy her little sister. Alex was more like a tomboy and she did not wearing dresses or skirts. She tried be girly but she couldn't it, it wasn't her.

In morning Alex was laying on the bed and she was already dressed up on her uniform. She was started her new class and she was in class B. She was looking at her timetable.  She saw an image of Ella. Ella was in her class and she bullied her and she continually teased her, 'Alex you are moving class B next week you won't last a week.'

Until there was a knock on her door. It was Megan she wore a blue dress and white shoes. She was wearing a small bag around her shoulder. She has this huge smile on her face.

'Alex mum and dad said  you have to take me to nursery!' she screamed. Alex bend down and she asked ,'what happened to mum and dad ?' Megan pondered and she smile, 'they went work I think.' Alex sighed and she got up, she grabbed her bag. She did not notice she left her timetable behind on her pillow.

Alex dropped her sister at her school. Megan was talking to her friend and she waved good bye to her. Alex smiled and she wished she could be a bit girly. As she walked down the hill, she saw noticed that she saw Ella. Ella was very slim, tall and she had her hair tie in a pony tail. She was one of the popular girl and she was with her friends. Alex ran quickly she wouldn't be seen by her. Ella usually teased her and annoyed her.

Alex went up her locker and she sighed. She picked her books in her bag, as she was digging around her bag. She realised she forgotten her timetable. Her friend Michelle came up behind her.

'Hey Alex's what's wrong ?'. Alex was worried and she did not know what to do. She unzipped her bag and she said to Michelle, 'I forgot my new timetable'.

Suddenly, a girl with long curly black hair with emerald green eyes. The girl's hair  was tie up in a pony tail. She had light flawless skin. She had a beautiful smile and she gently introduce herself to Alex and Michelle.  

'Hi my name is Arina Watase'. Alex and Michelle turned and they looked at Arina. Arina stepped forward and she observed the situation and she asked suddenly, 'did you lose your timetable?'. Alex was surprised and she beamed at her.

'Yes, how did you know?'.

'I just know, by looking what class are you in?'.

'Well I was in class 8D, I changed to class 8B'. Arina clapped her with joy, 'that is fantastic that is my class you can followed and you can get your timetable at break time'.

'Thank you', said Alex is a gracefully voice. She waved Michelle and she followed Arina to their class room.

Their first lesson was English. Arina told Mr Weston that they have new student and she just moved in another class. He nodded and he said to Alex introduced yourself, 'Now Alex introduced yourself, 'My name is Armstrong, hmm,'

'Your name ?' he asked.

'Alex sorry,'

Everyone laughed and there was the one boy didn't laughed but he smiled. Alex looked up and she recognised the boy. It was that boy who threw the water bomb at her.

Mr Weston wrote on the board and he said, 'Now can any give examples of methods on a sentence, Alex?'


'Correct, anyone else,' another student said alliteration, another said adjustment. 

'It is you!'

'What?' said Jay.

Wayne was sitting next to Jay, 'what did you do?'

'Now now Alex sitting down, now everyone getting to group that has been arranged, Alex please join with Jay, Wayne, Anne and Arina,' guided Mr Weston Alex sat with them  they discussed about the book called Bear and I .

'I like the story it showed a good friendship and struggle that reflect in life,' Wayne said in mature calm voice.

'I agree with you Wayne, since you help me understand i enjoy reading the book,' Anne comment. Wayne blushed and he stumbled. Arina smiled and she looked Jay to see his reaction. However Jay was staring at Alex and Alex was glaring him. Arina felt uncomfortable about the situation.

'Alex come on we are talking!' shouted Wayne.

 Arina patted her shoulder, 'Calm down Alex, now tell us what did Jay done,'

'What I never did anything!' defended Jay. 

'You are the one who threw water bomb at me last week Tuesday,'

'I didn't,' Wayne gave Jay a disappointment face.

'Jay you need to sort this twin business, seriously one day it will go out of hand,'

'It already I almost got punch by weird guy. I hate Conner what is wrong his problem?'

'Conner?' Alex asked.

'Conner is Jay's twin brother and he used to go the same primary school as me,' said Anne.

'Twin no way,'

'Yes unfortunately,' Jay sighed and Arina looked at him with concern face.

'So what did Conner do that?'

'I don't know, it would explained he worn a class A uniform.'

'Well this clean up,' said Wayne.

'Yeah it does I am sorry Jay I didn't know,'

'It is okay', Jay blushed looked way and he pretend to changed the subject. Arina stared at Jay's side and she placed her hand on her chest.

At lunch time Alex decided to look for Conner, she wanted to know why did Conner threw the water bomb at her. She never talk to him and she never hang with him.

She looked  him over the canteen and she saw him. He was eating his lunch and Ella came over and she was flirting with him.

'So Conner you want to join me for lunch I can make you worth wild?'

Conner kept eating. Ella slammed on the table. Conner sighed and he placed on his plate.

'Hey Conner are you listening?' she asked.

'Ella shut up!' yelled Alex.

Ella went silence and Alex gave a cold looked. Conner laughed and he got off his seat. He said, 'I like you,' Alex's face blushed and he went closed to her.

Jay saw what happening and he leaned over, 'what is he doing with my girlfriend!'

'Your girlfriend since that happen?' asked Wayne.

Arina's face look heartbroken and she tried to held the tears underneath her eyes.

Conner stepped forward to Alex, 'Do remember how we fist met?'

'Yeah you threw a water bomb at me and you threw me a towel why?'

He lowered his shoulder and he smiled, 'I saw your photo of you and your art in the hall away, I love it you should join our drawing class,'

'But why you did that instead.'

He smirked at her and he whispered her, 'I couldn't help myself,' he stepped back and he walked away. Ella was about to screamed she followed Conner. Alex looked at Conner and she had clueless.

Jay stared at them and Anne looked Jay and Arina's reaction, she thought, 'Look like there is competition between Conner and Jay.

In music class Ms Kendue said, 'Now everyone please bring your homework on the front please.'

Alex raised her hand up and she announced, 'I am new I didn't know we had homework,'

'Really well you leave this class now!'

'Hey is not my fault!'

'I don't care get out,'

'Ms Kendue is not her fault and this is unfair,'

'Be quiet,'

Jay crawl down his body and he went silent. His head was down.

Alex closed the door and she saw a park. Now she never been to the school's park. She took the chance to explored the place. She ran near a pond and it was full of fishes and she crouch down on her feet. She looked down at the fishes. She slowly stood up without looking on the ground she slipped on a pebble. She was about to fall in the pond, but Jay saved her. He grabbed around her hip. She stared his brown chestnut eyes. She looked away.

'Be carefully Alex you could've fall in there,'

'Jay thanks,'

She let go and Jay patted on her hand. Her cheek went red like a strawberry.

After school Alex searched for the clubs activities sheet. She went over the art class and she saw a sketch book. It was a girl that look like girl but she had longer hair and she saw a sketch of her. She choked and her face went cold. She looked the cover and it has no name.

'Hey what are you doing?'

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