Ali and Aleeah's mom

I'm Leah Messer. I'm 22 and live in Elkview, West Virginia and am probably most well known for being on the shows 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2. I got pregnant aged 17 and gave birth to my twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah when I was 18. I had only been with the girls dad Corey for a month so it was a pretty fast relationship and we had to mature and adapt to each other as we would be in each others lives forever, and we eventually got married but sadly divorced so I live as a single mom with support from my family and Corey. It's been hard with Corey and I's relationship deteriorating and both of us alternating between parenting duties, but I'm still Ali and Aleeah's mom


6. Family Saturday

Corey's away this weekend so I've got the girls to myself. I'm taking them shopping in Charleston with my mom and sister, Victoria which they've been excited about all week since I told them. I want to splash out on them as I went to another convention and earned a lot again. We go round all the shops they want to go to before having lunch at Ponderosa and heading home, my mom handing me a bag with a gift for me in it. She's bought me a charm for my bracelet the girls got me for my 20th birthday that I hasn't got a new charm for since about 6 months after Jeremy and I's wedding. I pit away everything I bought Ali, Aleeah and Adalynn before putting away the little gifts I splashed out on for myself and then Jeremy arrives home from work. I tell him about our day and he tells me about his whilst I prepare our dinner: chicken wraps, our favourite. We all eat together at our new dining table before we watch and movie and fall asleep in the living room, only realising we all slept fully clothed on the sofas the next morning, leading to a pretty big laugh between us all. 

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