Isaac's mom

Hi I'm Kailyn Lowry, I'm 22 and am from Nazareth, Pennslyvania and will be most known for staring in 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2. I got pregnant when I was 16 with my boyfriend at the time, Jo who's family took me in after my mom messed up her life and practically neglected me. I gave birth to my son Isaac and soon after, Jo and I's relationship ended, leaving me to fend for myself as well as Isaac myself with some support from Jo. Ive tryed my best over the years and I have found that life as a single parent is hard but I'm still Isaac's mom.


9. School stuff

I'm in school all day today so Javi is leaving early to pick up the boys as I have classes until 5 o'clock. I not used to having so many classes and being away from the boys for longer. I start of with Spanish class, as Javi is half Spanish so I want to learn the language seeing as were married, and I have normal classes like English and science for 2 hours each. I have lunch with Javi out in Delaware and I make sure that he's still ok to pick up Isaac from school and Lincoln from daycare. We drive back together before I head to English class and Javi drives home so he's ready to pick up the boys, seeing as Lincoln finishes at daycare at 2:30, as he's in the youngest part of daycare, and Isaac finishes school at 3 o'clock. 

Many classes later........

It's finally 5 so I can go home and see my boys. I said I pick up take out for us all tonight so I'm grabbing a couple of pizzas for us all to share. I get back at about 5:40 as the queue was pretty long at the pizza place so I actually had to go somewhere else whilst I was waiting. We all finish of our pizza and I bath the boys before putting Lincoln to bed and letting Isaac play for another half hour before I read him a story and put him to bed himself. Javi and I watch 21 Jump Street together  before I go for a quick shower and head toned myself as I'm really tired from school but thankfully am not in tommorow. 

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