Isaac's mom

Hi I'm Kailyn Lowry, I'm 22 and am from Nazareth, Pennslyvania and will be most known for staring in 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2. I got pregnant when I was 16 with my boyfriend at the time, Jo who's family took me in after my mom messed up her life and practically neglected me. I gave birth to my son Isaac and soon after, Jo and I's relationship ended, leaving me to fend for myself as well as Isaac myself with some support from Jo. Ive tryed my best over the years and I have found that life as a single parent is hard but I'm still Isaac's mom.


3. Mom Life Moments

I'm not feeling to great today as Isaac and Lincoln have come down with something and I'm pretty sure I have it to as all 3 of us are vomiting and I'm covered in Lincoln's latest bringing up of puke. Mom life or what! Javi is at school today but I called in to say I was sick and to have work sent home for me to complete. We all get into my big bed together and have a family cuddle before I put on a movie, line up all of our puke buckets and eventually fall asleep. Javi arrives home and wakes us all up at around 5 and we didn't even realise how long we had slept. Javi feeds and bathes Lincoln whilst I read to Isaac and make his dinner. After eating dinner with Javi, as Lincoln's in bed, I bathe Isaac myself and read him a bedtime story before he drifts of to sleep and I head to have a bath myself. I dry my hair and put on my warm PJs and go downstairs to catch up on TV with Javi before we eventually head to bed ourselves as i think Javi has come down with the illness me and the boys have. I hope this sickness will go away from the Marroquin household soon otherwise we'll all be in bed watching movies tommorow. 

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