Isaac's mom

Hi I'm Kailyn Lowry, I'm 22 and am from Nazareth, Pennslyvania and will be most known for staring in 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2. I got pregnant when I was 16 with my boyfriend at the time, Jo who's family took me in after my mom messed up her life and practically neglected me. I gave birth to my son Isaac and soon after, Jo and I's relationship ended, leaving me to fend for myself as well as Isaac myself with some support from Jo. Ive tryed my best over the years and I have found that life as a single parent is hard but I'm still Isaac's mom.


4. Juggling motherhood and school

I'm at school today and Javi is taking care of the boys for me as all of my boys now are sick and I'm OK again. I've got a couple of classes today but I'll be home by 2 to look after my poor boys. I get to my first class and get given all my work I missed and before I know it, I'm out at lunch with my friend and going back for my final afternoon class which finishes at quarter to 2 so I can get home early. I pick up Javi, Isaac and Lincoln some medicine and head home where they are all cuddled up on the sofa watching TV together, there puke buckets lined up like ours were the other day. I'm meeting some friends for dinner later so I'm going to make the boys some dinner before I head out to the restaurant. I put on a black shirt and some black pants with my white heels and white blazer and I redo my makeup and hair before heading out to Javi and Isaac eating the soup I made them as I put Lincoln to bed. I tell Isaac to be good food Javi and that I'll be back soon before heading out in Delaware with my friends. We got to an Italian restaurant and I order a really nice pasta dish and a sorbet for dessert before I say my goodbyes and go home. I go straight to bed, where Javi is watching The Walking Dead with a bucket and tissues and we watch some episodes together before going to sleep in each others arms. 

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