Isaac's mom

Hi I'm Kailyn Lowry, I'm 22 and am from Nazareth, Pennslyvania and will be most known for staring in 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2. I got pregnant when I was 16 with my boyfriend at the time, Jo who's family took me in after my mom messed up her life and practically neglected me. I gave birth to my son Isaac and soon after, Jo and I's relationship ended, leaving me to fend for myself as well as Isaac myself with some support from Jo. Ive tryed my best over the years and I have found that life as a single parent is hard but I'm still Isaac's mom.


10. Another weekend with Isaac

Isaac is with us again for the weekend as Jo is away at a family funeral with his parents over in California so were all gonna go to the fair today as Lincoln hasn't been yet and Isaac hasn't been for ages. It's mostly families that are there so at least we don't need to leave the boys with a friend so we can go on bog rides as all of the rides there and child size! We go on the teacups and the Ferris wheel before we buy some cotton candy and get some drinks before we go back as the drove was pretty long and we didn't bring any food on the journey so we have 3 hungry boys and one hungry Kailyn! We go on the rest of the rides in that area before we walk over too where the child rollercoaster sort of rides are so we go on most of them, but I have to sit of one with Lincoln as he's to little and Isaac and Javi were pretty excitable about it. We have a hotdog each for lunch, and we all get some slushies before going on the other rides. We head home at around 5 and we just have sokem nibbles before all of us fall into bed and fall asleep almost straight away we were that tired from our wonderful family day. 

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