Flynn's Problem

CeCe comes home to find her world turned upside down. Read to find out. This is my first fanfic so please be nice :) thanks xo


6. Chapter 6

The next day, around 6:20am

-at the hospital-

Flynn's POV

My eyes opened slowly. The first thing i noticed was the darkness around me. Where was I? The last thing I remember is the bottle of.......oh i shouldn't think so much. Thinking makes my head hurt. And speaking of which, why does my head hurt anyway. Oh yeah because..... Oh man i wasn't supposed to wake up. Those pills might not have killed me but now CeCe might. What am I gonna do? Guess I'll just have to face the music.

The next thing i notice is the worried faces of the two people who I really didn't want to see at that moment in time: Rocky and worst of all CeCe. God she's gonna kill me. What am I in for?

Next thing i know, CeCe is shouting for the doctor.


Doctor: It's okay CeCe we know. We've been watching him for a while now. He's very lucky you know. You brought him in time so we were able to repair most of the damage. He's gonna be woozy for a while but its nothing that a few days rest won't fix. In the meantime, CeCe may I see you outside?

CeCe: Of course

CeCe and the doctor leave my room and all that's left is me and Rocky. Phew I'm safe for a little while at least!


Nobody's POV

CeCe and the doctor step outside the room and CeCe closes the door behind her.

CeCe: You wanted to see me doctor..........

Doctor: Johnson. And yes i wanted to talk to you about Flynn.

CeCe: Yes Doctor Johnson what can you tell me?

Doctor Johnson: Well like i said, after you brought him in we were able to repsir most of the damage. But those have taken quite a toll on his organs. At the moment we can't tell if it's fatal or not but as soon as we know we'll let you know too. In the meantime, do you have any idea what drove him to this?

CeCe: Well he hasnt been himself lately. He has been spending most his time in his room. He has been reslly depressed. We don't even see much of him nowadays. Nobody really does. I dont know whats wrong with him. The one day that i wanted to actually talk to him about it and this happens. Just my luck i guess!

CeCe bursts into tears.

Doctor Johnson removes a tissue from his pocket and hands it to cece who wipes her eyes and then blows her nose. Mascara begins to run down her face.

Doctor Johnson: Look its still early. Why dont you go get something to drink or something and come back. By then maybe Flynn will be ready to talk about it.

CeCe: Thank you Doctor Johnson.

Doctor Johnson: You're welcome CeCe. Take care of yourself.

CeCe walks off.........

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