Flynn's Problem

CeCe comes home to find her world turned upside down. Read to find out. This is my first fanfic so please be nice :) thanks xo


2. Chapter 2

Rocky and Cece ascend the stairs to Cece's apartment. Cece reaches for her purse to remove her key. While sesarching around her purse, her hand lands on her phone. She takes it out.

"Oh a text! It's from Mom."

Recieved 2 hours ago

Cece wud u mind watching flynn. I'm stuck at work.

There's some chicken in the fridge. Help yourself!


Mom xoxo

"Great! Now i have to watch Flynn for the night. I hate working!

"Cece didnt you just tell me that you were really worried about him?"

"Good point.. But still"

Cece finally places her key in the keyhole and turns it, unlocking the door.

She opens the door and they both step inside.

"FLYNN, I'M HO...."

Cece stops mid sentence and gasps.

"Cece what happened?"

Cece points to the couch.

"What? What is it?"

Then she notices what cece is talking about.

"Oh my god!"

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