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1. newt's limp

Newt had been in the Maze for three months. And he had hated every second of it. Alby and Minho kept telling him that he should stop being a Runner. But he couldn't. Running was the only thing he was really good at. And the Runners needed him. So he went with them, every day, into the Maze. Every morning he woke up in terror, just because of the idea of going back into the place of his nightmares. The same happened at the first monday of his fourth month in the Glade. Minho's mocking voice woke him up from his endless nightmares. 'Rise and Shine, shuck-face' Minho said. His stood next to Newt, looking down at him. Newt slowly stood up. 'Bloody hell Minho, why is your face always the first thing I see when I wake up? Now I can never wake up peacefully.' Newt smirked. He couldn't help feeling sad. But he has made his dicision and he wasn't going to change his mind. Minho barked a laugh. 'I though you liked that.' Together they walked to the Maproom. Newt felt his nerves already coming up. He tried to act normal, the last thing he wanted was Minho to think he was a sissy. In the Maproom Minho gave his usual speach about surviving, being carefull with their supplies and their lives. The Runners ate some of Frypan's food and went to the doors. Minho went with Newt and one other guy to the east door. Newt's hands were shaking and swaet was already streaming down his back. Minho went first. 'Remember, never stop running. Always be alert. And bring back hope,' Minho said. He ran a few steps and stopped. 'Oh yeah. Don't forget to bring back yourself. I don't want to have to go looking for your shuckin' bodies tomorrow!' He yelled over his shoulder. The boy next to Newt laughed and followed Minho. Newt just stood there, tears welling up in his eyes. Not bringing back himself was exactly what he had planned. He would go into the Maze and never return. He would go so far they would never be able to find this body. Tomorrow he would be just a memory. Just one of the poor shanks that hadn't survived a night in the Maze. He glanced over his shoulder one more time to see Alby looking at him from the Homestead. Bye Alby, he thought, it's better this way. Then he ran into the Maze at full speed.

This is the first chapter of "Newts Limp".

I hope you enjoyed it. The next chapter is coming soon. Please leave me your thoughts! ( sorry for mistakes, I am not English)

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