The wind

Even the wind talks to you...


1. The wind

She sat quietly, the wind brushing against her she continued to stare. The scene was beautiful. The blue water, the pale sand. And the sounds? Exceptional. The wind almost talking to her. 

She sat watching the sun set further and further, the clouds filling up more of the sky as she stared. She remembered the day of happiness and childhood. Running and screaming, smiling and laughing like no care in the world. Oh how foolish not knowing she needed to know, to grow up and to take on duties. Was there anyway she could be like that again? No, no, 'course not. 

The wind blew on her shoulder, wind mixed with little particles of sand. They stung, she enjoyed it. The wind blew louder. Her sarong mixing with sand and droplets of water. She snapped out of her trance to listen to the wind, that she could have sworn was talking to her. She listened to it's problems, like nobody had done to her.

It started to rain. Getting tired, she walked back into the house to dry off. 


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