Jace's mom

I'm Jenelle Evans. I'm 23 and from Oak Island, North Carolina. I'm probably most well known for being the troublesome party girl from 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2 but I'm much more than that. I got pregnant at 18 which was hard for me as I went out and got drunk with my friends a lot, but I'm glad I have my son because without him, I'd have nothing. I may not have him in my own home and don't look after him like a real mom, but I'm still Jace's mom.


11. My Happy Ending

I've had a pretty stressful 5 years off being a mom. With not having Jace in my custody and being arrested the many times I have, I could have done things better and I know that. I plan for the next 5 years to run a lot more smoothly, I hope to be and better mom to Jace and a good one to Kai, to stay out of trouble and finish school and to hopefully marry and settle down with Nathan. My life as a mom hasn't been as good as the other teen mom girls and other normal moms but maybe one day I will be like them and loose my party girl ways for good (except on weekends!). I'm Jenelle and I'm Jace's mom and once day hope to be an even better one.

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