Jace's mom

I'm Jenelle Evans. I'm 23 and from Oak Island, North Carolina. I'm probably most well known for being the troublesome party girl from 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2 but I'm much more than that. I got pregnant at 18 which was hard for me as I went out and got drunk with my friends a lot, but I'm glad I have my son because without him, I'd have nothing. I may not have him in my own home and don't look after him like a real mom, but I'm still Jace's mom.


4. Mom Life

Its been a hard few days in the life of Jenelle. I've had Jace over everyday to see Kaiser, but Kaiser's had me up at night crying do I think he might be coming down with something. His check up with the doctor is in a few days so hopefully I'll find out if anything wrong. My moms also beenretty annoying saying 'take Kaiser to the doctah (the ah on the end of doctor being the way she says it in her Boston accent) and 'I'll look aftah Jace for you' but I want to take care of my kids on my own terms. Nathan and I were talking about me getting custody back but that ended in us arguing as mom would be lost without him. These days have been a real 'mom life' moment as I got covered in Kaiser's puke when he threw up on me yesterday. Hopefully Kaiser will be OK later so Nathan and I can stop fretting and thinking the worst (we really don't know much about parenting!)  Mom's come over to pick up Jace as he ate with us tonight and says she'll take him to school so I can go to the doctor, seeing as I've been taking him most days. This will be put behind us soon cos I'm not sure I can handle all the puking!

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