Jace's mom

I'm Jenelle Evans. I'm 23 and from Oak Island, North Carolina. I'm probably most well known for being the troublesome party girl from 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2 but I'm much more than that. I got pregnant at 18 which was hard for me as I went out and got drunk with my friends a lot, but I'm glad I have my son because without him, I'd have nothing. I may not have him in my own home and don't look after him like a real mom, but I'm still Jace's mom.


8. Its Nathan's birthday

Today is the 19th September, that means that its my mans birthday. I got up early with Kaiser to make him breakfast in bed and grabbed his gifts from their hiding place. He wakes up to me singing happy birthday and Kai laughing, Nathan looking up and smiling at us. He wolfs down his pancakes and opens his gifts from me, Kai, Emery and his parents with Kai on his lap to 'help'. He says thank you for his gifts and we sit and watch TV together for a while. Mom brings Jace over at lunch time and Jace gives Nathan the gifts from him we bought when we went shopping together and mom even produces a card and small gift. We go out to a restaurant by the beach for lunch and take a walk together on the beach before mom takes Jace home with her. Were going out to dinner tommorow with Nathan's parents so mom will take care of Kai for the evening to. We head home after a fun day together and put Kai to bed together. He thanks me for the wonderful day and we head to bed to watch a movie. I would never have done this with any of my exes. 

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