Jace's mom

I'm Jenelle Evans. I'm 23 and from Oak Island, North Carolina. I'm probably most well known for being the troublesome party girl from 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2 but I'm much more than that. I got pregnant at 18 which was hard for me as I went out and got drunk with my friends a lot, but I'm glad I have my son because without him, I'd have nothing. I may not have him in my own home and don't look after him like a real mom, but I'm still Jace's mom.


9. Beach days

I have Jace tonight so were all going to the beach together for the day. We had a good dinner out with Nathan's parents last week after his birthday so were going to celebrate with the kids today. We take a picnic and find a great spot near the water so if I want to take Kaiser and Jace down to the water I don't have to walk back to far. Nathan drives over too moms to get Jace before we all head out together. We have a great day, Jace wants to go straight down to the water so I suncream him and Kaiser and take them together whilst Nathan has a nap and sunbathes. Kaisers squeals of excitement attract attention from a couple there, the lady being pregnant herself. She says how adorable he and Jace are and how she hopes her children will have a relationship like there's, as Jace is playing with him close to the sand so he's careful. After a while, we get out and sit with Nathan before we have some lunch and Nathan takes them back in. After coming out once more for a snack, we all go in together as a family before drying off and heading to the car. I take Jace to our place to bathe and have dinner before putting him to bed as he's staying over again tonight. After a great beach day, hopefully we can have a relaxing day tomorrow.   

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