Jace's mom

I'm Jenelle Evans. I'm 23 and from Oak Island, North Carolina. I'm probably most well known for being the troublesome party girl from 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2 but I'm much more than that. I got pregnant at 18 which was hard for me as I went out and got drunk with my friends a lot, but I'm glad I have my son because without him, I'd have nothing. I may not have him in my own home and don't look after him like a real mom, but I'm still Jace's mom.


1. Jenelle&Jace

Hi I'm Jenelle Evans. I was born on 19th December 1991 to Barbara and Robert Evans. My dad took off when I was 3 and I haven't seen him since but he was a pretty dead beat dad anyway seeing as he left my mom with 3 young kids to take care of alone. We moved to North Carolina in around 2004, when I was aged around 11/12.  I was a pretty wild teenager and wasn't really mature, but on 6th August 2009 I gave birth to a son, Jace Vahn Evans with my ex boyfriend Andrew.  Andrew and I had a rocky relationship at the end but we had been together a long time and I think that the baby made us drift apart and cause our split, but just like my own father he was pretty dead beat to.  Jace is now 5 years old and is in my moms custody, as I didn't prove myself as a mother and went out partying when I had other responsibilities at home. I had a few more bad relationships, one causing me to get arrested many times, including breaking and entering and drug possession.  Now 5 years after becoming a mother, I became one again to a baby boy, Kaiser with my current boyfriend, Nathan who may not have a perfect track record like me, but makes me happy and has been by far the best person I've been in a relationship with as he understands my struggles with custody of my son, as he has a daughter in his parents custody.  Nathan and I plan to get married soon and hopefully try and get full custody of our children so we can be a proper family, but for now we can focus on trying to make it work. Jace has never met his father and I don't think he ever will, but I'm still Jace's mom and should focus on making things right for his sake 

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