Lashton a forbidden love

In an alternative universe the boys arnt famous and all go to the same school.

Luke Hemmings the nerd who is bullied due to his sexuality has a crush on mr prom king himself Ashton Irwin who is the jock of the school who is with the most beautiful girl in the school and is respected by everyone but what happens when he begins to develop feelings for Luke
Read to find out …


1. Hi I'm Luke :)

Hey I'm Luke I'm 17 And I'm gay I'm not going to debate it although everyone respected me up until I came out and now I'm seen as the villain of the school I will not hide who I am. Sometimes it can be tough with all the daily beatings and it's not as if I couldn't fight back I go to the gym everyday after school for at least two hours so I could easily kick their asses but I won't stoop down to their level that was until they started on the new kid Calum.

He seemed fine didn't cause a big scene about moving he just came and settled down he hangs around with Michael, Michael Clifford I think it is he seems different and secluded with his bright blue hair but who am I too judge. So right after my daily beating I headed to the canteen to find that they had Calum pinned against the wall by his neck all Calum had done was sit their and mind is own business due to the fact the Clifford wasn't in (not that he rarely was) the big hard Gus decided to start on him I didn't mind when they hit me I was built up so I just channeled my range into the gym but Calum was only small he had some muscle but didn't fight back. So while everyone acted like they couldn't see anything I could see the color fade out of claims cheats that's when I stepped in and told the guys to stop and leave him alone although I knew they wouldn't listen but I was hoping Calum would get the hint and leave when they went to hit me but they didn't they just told me to poss of and called me words insulting my sexuality. I could have turned around then and there and left him like anyone would have done for me but I'm not like them, as Isaw Calum gasp for air and mouth the words help me that's when I lost it I throughout a punch at Ryan the guy holding Calum. With that one punch Ryan went flying down and Calum could breath agin that's where it all went down hill Calum had run off which I didn't mind I didn't expect him to stay around so that he could watch my beating before they continued with his. By the time Ryan had got back up I was surrounded by the entire football team all staring at me Ryan grabbed my head and shoved it through the window shattering it immediately with the sound of breaking glass the team scattered leaving me alone when all of a sudden someone helps me up I wasn't sure who he was my vision all blurry all I saw was his curly dirty blonde hair and his gorgeous hazel eyes and that he had a jocks blazer on. At that moment there was a cold hand on my shoulder there was a tight grip and at that moment I knew exactly who it was the homophobic headmaster. 'Hemmings I see that this is the work of you and MR Irwin I will see both of you in my office. NOW!' with the cold strict words we were off it didn't matter that my hair was covered in glass and my face was all cut up I was getting the blame for this but that didn't matter to me what mattered was the fact that this boy walking with me was there while his friends through me through the window and he stayed why did he, did he stay to see if I was ok or was it just to make sure I didn't blame them either way he is here and in as much trouble as me.

And that's why I'm here in detention for two months helping to fix the school for two hours after school everyday until my time is up wish me luck ...

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