criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


6. waking up to a new life



Thanks for the new job_nanny

Its okay_Louis

Hey shouldn't you be getting ready because today your traveling down to London to stay there and attend Megan's funeral the next day_nanny

Crap I am! He listen you go get the kids ready I'll pack the bags and call for the limo_Louis

Woah you do talk really posh_nanny

Not now andhey what's your name_Louis


Cool no we go!_Louis

The rushing around caused much panick however they did get there on time. I just don't understand why Louis has to be so late for everything. 

In the limo...

Right have we got everything_jess

Woah trust me_Louis

Okay!_jess before cuddling up to Louis, this girl must have been through a hard breakup. 

Jess why are you caring for me we've only just met_Louis

I know but I am your girlfriend, arent I_jess

Jesus came down Megan's my girlfriend you come next to her because I don't rush into things_Louis

Okay then about ellie_jess

Its complicated_Louis

Well we have a 3hour drive I'm sure you can tell me_jess



Why did everything start with my name! Why did Louis have to tell her! Why did ellie have to hire her! 

I'm telling ya this girl is gonna be a user!

Oh you poor thing, woah were in London already_jess


I've heard all about London designer everything_jess

Cool this is were I used to spoil Megan_Louis

Well been as she's gone and I'm your little princess you can do it to me_jess


You heard now let's get our kids and get out to this hotel_jess

You do understand jess that I still love Megan_Louis

No you don't you love me_Jess

As they stepped out of the limo the flashes off the cameras caught their face. Jess was like a natural she pouted like Victoria Beckham gazed like Jordan and posed like Miley cyrus . the media went mad for these two no idea why! 

Babe I need a blazer from jack wills because I need to look cool for the funeral_jess

Okay then well get one_Louis

Louis what are you doing mate? This girl is a freak get rid of her!



That's great_jess interrupted before going to the check out and robbing Louis bank. 


Don't say thank you_jess

Why not_Louis

Because he's wearing a T-shirt so last season_jess

Haha about mine_Louis

Well we'll have to go and shop for that my treat_jess

Okay they bothnran down the high street holding hands.

Oh darling you need something a bit more expensive_jess

I like my toms, braces, chinos and a casual tee_Louis

Hahahahaha no seriously we need to change you_jess

Why though jess? Louis is a great guy and he deserves everything apart from a snotty spoilt princess like you!

I think its time you met my family_jess

Right well we are in London_Louis


Out of know where a helicopter came down. 

Hop in_jess


It flew them all the way to Jess's mum and dads mansion.


Jess held his and told him all about their money and what they own etc. 

Mummy daddy_jess

Sweetheart_ mum and dad

Now who's this dashing boy_mum

Mother this is Louis_jess

Oh really_dad

Now you two go and get some sleep tomorrow is a big day_jess

Everyone was making out like they were getting married. 

Already they were sleeping together in the same bed.


Yeah babe_jess

I love you_Louis

Awww thanks_jess


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