criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


2. starting the job

Starting at the police station was a bit scary been as everyone was staring at me.

My first job were at 1pm. I had to search Gary notts house!

Off me and my colleagues went in our cars, I were in the Mitsubishi evo!

When I arrived at his house my speech begun to stutter because I didn't know if he'd recognize me.

What's wrong_ mark, my colleague


Okay its not that cancer is it_mark

No no no let's go in then_megan

Right then_mark

We knocked on Gary's door. 

Hi Mr notts PC north here. We've had permission to search your premisses for anything that may be illegal such as drugs, weapons etc._Megan

Well you can't say no to visitors can we_Gary

Nope_Megan as I pushed through

Gary's face just irrated me he was like a snake. He kept on following me round his house. I begun to wonder if he knew who I was.

Oy PC north come here_Gary

It was just me and him in his bedroom.

I walked towards him.

Yes sir_me

I know who you are_Gary

What I have no idea_me

Save it tell Louis he has till Wednesday to give me that money is that understood_Gary


No get me my money_Gary before he pushed me out of his door.

When the search and work finished I rushed back home!



This isn't funny at all give Gary notts a call and tell him what's what_Megan

What you onna bout_Louis

We searched his house today and he told me that wed better get the money or else._Megan


Get him phoned Louis and get that police outfit on were going to that club to get that money_Megan 

Okay see ya in the car in a minute_Louis

I kissed him and ran downstairs to the car.

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