criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


5. life without me

Been as the death involved a criminal and a policewoman the papers, magazines around the world told the story of me, harry and Louis. I was called the hero been as the story the police guessed was the Gary jumped and took me with him. 



The funeral directors have just phoned they want to get the funeral sorted because of the fact tv are going crazy to film it._ellie

Oh right tell them to come here_Louis

As Ellie spoke to the funeral directors Louis playeds with the twins. 

Come on harry_Louis

Come on Charlotte_niall

They were trying to get them to walk. They gripped on to the side and carefully stepped then as there grip lost control they let go and walked to them. 

Yeahhhh_niall and Louis

What did they do_ellie

They walked_niall

Haha guys I'm proud of you but I think you'll be the same to me when you here the news I've hired a cleaner_ellie

Oh cool_niall

Yeah and were going to get a job instead of relying on Megan's dad to pay everything OK._ellie

Yeah about the twins_Louis

Well I've hired a nanny as well_ellie

Great Louis are u going to the funeral directors_niall

Yeah I'd better_Louis

Off Louis ran leaving ellie and niall with the twins.

I'd better go with him_ellie

No your staying here to find a job with me_niall

OK then let's have a look_ellie

What is there_niall

Mainly shop jobs but there's a great job for me and you_Ellie

Go on then_niall

Business woman for me and lawyer for you_ellie

Great Ellie well let's apply_niall

After applying and talking through their strange future Louis came home.


Hi er I've done everything she'll be a firework above London. That's her favorite place to go_Louis


How much_niall


Jesus well being doing loans for that_niall

Her mum and dad say they'll pay_Louis

Suits me_niall

Guys the cleaner and nanny are here for their interview_ellie

Okay first interview the cleaner_Louis

As they asked her questions they soon realized that she was perfect for the job. HIRED! 

Louis me and niall are going to take the twins out for a meal you can talk to the nanny_ellie


As they went the nanny came. 

Louis fell in lovee again but his love weren't like mine and his. 



What a lovely house_n


So what's gonna happen_n

Why dont we  ERM_ l before kisipsing her

Okay then I guess I'm hired_n

Absolutely_l before taking her upstairs.

I was proud of him because he needed a good lass to guide through!

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