criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


4. Gary!!

Later on Louis took me to the meeting place , a multistorey car park. 

You be careful_Louis

I will be_Megan

Are you sure you don't want me to come with you_Louis

I'm sure wait for me here_Megan

Okay can't wait to get back home_Louis

Me too_Megan before kissing him on the cheek.

I took a deep breath and walked to the meeting place.

Ahhh Megan, where's your companion Louis_Gary

He's gone somewhere and erm hi_Megan

Awww aren't you a sweety Louis always had something for people like you. But I like naughty girls a bit like me, in other words not the teachers pet_Gary

Good for you_Megan

Anyway where's my money_Gary

In my hand_megan

Hand it over then and no one will get hurt_Gary



Because ud better listen to me_Megan


I handcuffed him to my hand and dragged him over to the edge, I threw myself over and gripped onto the wall as he stood on the other side.

What are you doing_Gary

Listen to me!_Megan


Megan!! What's he done are you hurt_Louis

I told you to go home_Megan

Not leaving as this_Louis

Yeah come on love just try and calm down and come back up to safety_Gary

I said shut up!!_Megan


You threatened to hurt my kids. They mean the world to me and Louis, Ellie,Niall and family. The only way you won't hurt them is by knowing your dead_Megan

What no I have a family_Gary

I don't care they don't deserve to live with the awful truth, so I'm telling you now that this is the last day you'll live understood_Megan

Please I'm begging_Gary

Stop you little bigger_Megan

Megan please you need to see the world with me and the kids you've got your whole future ahead of you_Louis

No I'm sorry_megan


I love you but this has to end_Megan

About the kids_Louis

Tell them that I love them and that its because cancer told me to and also Louis take me charm and photo. The photo is for harry Jr and the charm is for Charlotte its a heart locket with me inside_Megan

Yes love but give them yourselve when you come home_Louis

I'm not coming home_Megan




What are you gonna do_Louis


Please_they both yelled


Sudden silence as I fell with Gary from the top to the bottom. The last thing I heard was the sound of Gary hitting the ground and louis s scream in the background. 

She's gone_Louis cried all the way home

She's gone!_Louis yelled as he burst through the door



Woah mate what happened_niall

Megan she took Gary off the car park_Louis

Oh god_ellie 

Niall broke down and cried, so did ellie and the twins been as they were upset. However the twins didn't understand been as they were only little. 

Hi miss_ellie

Hi_my mum

I've got some news_ellie

Oh okay_my mum

Megan has died_ellie

What_my mum

She got..._ellie

My mum and dad got told the story! They was in shock.


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