criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


7. funeral

Morning rose! It was my funeral.

Louis how do I look_jess


She went completely over the top she looked like a vogue model. Louis just agreed because he couldn't be assed to argue. 

The limo took them to the abbey where the ceremony was held. Jess family attended to! No idea why I just think it was because they wanted to be popular by going to the future princess funeral. 


Carm down babe_jess

Everyone was puzzeled because they had no idea who Louis was walking with. 



Who the hell is that carrying the twins_niall

I have no idea._ellie

Jess shoved the twins into ellie and Niall's arms. 

Cheeky mare_Ellie

The funeral went ahead, jess had fake tears to try and impress Louis. They both cuddled up to each other. 

When these service was over jess and Louis went of with eachother leaving niall and Louis on with the baby's. 

At Buckingham palace the after do was there. 

I'm so sorry_ the queen

Oh Louis_ Camilla

The same lines got said to Louis over and over again. 

Louis_jess dad before shoving him onto one knee and putting a heart shaped box into his hands. 

Jess turned round and screamed yes. Everyone was happy for them but Louis had no clue how to say it werent happening. 

He stood on the balcony alone drinking. 

Hey mate_niall



Don't go to that conclusion_Louis

Haha me and ellie have got a job now so jess will have to start looking after them. Like we hired her for!_niall


No mate the kids have started to call me and ellie mum and dad your the dad as Megan said._niall

I know well_Louis

I know isnt good enough you get the kids tomorrow morning and take them out like a family_niall

Right okay_Louis

Hi is everything okay_jess

Yeah great_niall

Tommorow I'm going to go and sign on for uni I want you to look after the twins like we hired you for_Louis

But I need to plan the wedding_jess

Not just yet_Louis

Excuse me_jess

I said_Louis

Is the end like it was for Megan_jess

What are you onna bout_Louis

Look down there Megan wouldn't have been laid down there if it wasn't for you hey_jess


I'm going back to Manchester now you can have a think about you've done and I'm taking the kids with me_jess

Louis walked off leaving her with the kids. How stupid!?


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