criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


3. criminals at work

The range rover roared as we drifted down the road. 

Where's the club then_m

Down the road_l

Well I know that but where_m

On your second right then_l

Thank you_m

Okay sorry_l

Right then here we are_m

Right let's go_l

Out we went.

Excuse me miss_a man spoke

Hi what can I do for you_megan

PC north we have no time_PC tomlinson

Excuse me we can wait_Megan


Now what's the problem sir_m

Some yoths have smashed my car windows_the man

Okay tell me the details_m

After some details were taken me and Louis strolled off to the club.

Here it is_L

Let's go in_m

There I stood praying to god it was a joke!

Can I help you_a woman

Yeah please just looking for the manager_Louis

He's out_the woman in a moody voice

Well then_Megan

But I'm the manager when he's out_the woman rudely interrupted

Okay then well we've got permission to search upstairs_Megan

The offices_the woman questioned


Right then we can't say no to visitors_the woman before leading us upstairs to the offices, that's where the safe were with the money. Also what is it with criminals saying we can't say no to visitors.

When we got to the main office, where the safe was, we started to look round. 

Louis text me...

"Its in that cabinet"_L

Well go in_m

Its locked_L

.....the text's stopped there

Cup of tea anyone_the woman

No but can you open us that cupboard please_Megan


Why not_Megan

because its private_tw

Please heard that two many times, please open it or I may have to break in_m

No one will do no such thing without me and my mates involved_ this man said

Excuse me didn't you read that sign on the door no entry_Megan

I'm the owner, manager so whilst I'm at this tone let's have a nice little chat_the man

I'd like to get in there_Megan

No ones getting in there_the owner

I got really stressed out and went to attack him, trust me I was millimeters away from using my tazer. He grabbed hold of me shoved me to to the ground, 

Haha!_the owner

The assistant manager also laughed. 

That's not funny_Louis

Well I tell you what is this is what Gary's after int it, hey! Cash from my safe its on the desk and no one is getting it understood._the owner

Run_Louis before grabbing me and the cash and running off. 

We jumped in the car and drove off the baddys didn't have a chance. 

Straight to Gary's_Megan

Okay then_Louis

I took a hand full of tablets and chomped.

What are your doing_Louis

What does it look like_Megan


I laughed.

Hey! I'm proud of you_Louis before stopping the car.

What are you doing_Megan

Gary said he wants the money later he's out at the moment so we have 5 hours to ourselves_Louis


Well I've booked us for afternoon tea at that posh hotel_Louis 

Really with a room_Megan


Hmmm let's go there_Megan

And be proper grown ups_Louis

Or we can pretend were teenagers_Megan 

I like that option_Louis

He took me to the room.



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