criminal run

The follow on from the fault in my stars! Louis and Megan get into mischieve leading to the end.


9. being a family

Louis came back to Manchester




Are we..._Louis

Back on yes_jess

Louis kissed her and smiled.

Oh my god I've missed you_Jess

So have I look why don't we go put the twins in bed. Order a Chinese and we'll look at the wedding plans_Louis

Yeah come on in then_jess

Where's the kids_Louis

Well my mums got them so we could have some time together_jess

Oh okay then where are we starting with this wedding_Louis

Theme, dress, venue_jess

Cake, catering_Louis

Everything's food isn't it_jess


Anyway I've been doing a bit I just thought it_jess

Well erm maybe not my mind because Megan_Louis

I thought you got over that_jess

Well no_Louis

I'm gonna get some sleep I've been up all night thinking_jess

Jess she died and left me with her two kids who are half royalty so..._Louis

No your with me now so_jess

You know what I'm finished get your bags and get out im finished_Louis


No Gert out and go and rob someone else_Louis 

What so were finished_jess

I think so..._Louis

You think see your not sure_jess

Oh im sure get out_Louis before shoving her out the door. 

Good on ya Louis I thought from the stars. 


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