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Natasha is in love with her best friend Tanner but its not that simple when Tanner is as known the schools bad boy,player and heart breaker will she trust him?


2. complicated

"I had that dream again." I said to Mindy who gave me syphatick look. "Its such a shame that he has to be two are ment for each others." Mindy groaned. "Hey gurlss!" Matt said as he walked over us. Matt was Mindys big brother who was always messing around. "Tasha." He said and looked me up and down. Mindy rolled her eyes and said "back off brother! Shes not intersted." Matt always tried to hitt me but best friends brothers were untouchable. And Matt is suchh a twat sometimes. "Calm your pants sis,im not hitting anyone." He said and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Mindy just rolled her eyes. "So Tasha." He said looking me and poking my nose. "Matthewww!" We heard male voice yelling. "Gus! Bro!" Matt yelled and took his hand of my shoulder.and did bro hug with some guy. "Who are these lovely ladies?"the voice said. "Thats my sister Mindy,she has boyfriend. And that hottie right next to her is Natasha. Playing hard to get trust me." Matt said. Like i said he was twat. "Oh okay." The guy gave weird look to Matt. "I'm August,call me Gus." Boy with blond hair and blue eyes and muscular body said.he waved to Mindy and to me he gave a smirk. "So Natasha- started August but got cutted my Matt. "Watch it bro, he is coming,did i tell you she is Tanners puppy." Matt said. August took few steps away from me. I guess Tanner was near. "You and Tanner?" August said. "No.hes my bestie." I said. "Yeah,thats true but that dosnt mean you can touch her." I heard familiar voice breathing against my neck and strong arms hugging me behind. "Tanner!" I gasped and moved away from him a bit. I didnt like the way how he scared away all the cutes boys who tried to talk to me. As i met Tanner eyes Matt and August had allready walked away. Tanner was this schools main boss like guys didnt want to mess with him but he wasnt the bad guy either. "I better go,catch you later." Mindy said quickly. Walking away too. "Why do have to do that everytime! When i met some new guy?" I asked bit angry. He looked bit taken back. "Well sorry for looking after you,but you know i care about you and i dont want anyone to hurt you." He said. So he was playing the hero role here? Did he have a clue how much he hurted me. "But you dont have to scare them away." I said. "U deserve better." He said. "Yeah right. You are the reason why no one never likes me or ask me out cause they are scared that you will kick their asses." I said. He breaths for annoy. "I dont want anyone to hurt you!is that wrong? They will only hurt you." He said. "Stop it." I said. "You dont want me to be happy? Dont you!" I screamed. "I want!" He said. "Then dont do that over protective act!"i screamed. "No."he said. "Leave me alone!"i said. The hall was empty class had allready began but we didnt care. "I havent never even kissed anyone!" I said. "I wont let that August guy near you! Or anyone." He said. "Why!" I asked. He took deep breath and looked me. "Dammit Tasha. You dont get it dont you!"he said. And with that he pressed me against the lockers and crashed his lips on mine. He hold me softly by my waists. And kissed me softly and was like heaven. Better than i had imagined it to feel.

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