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Natasha is in love with her best friend Tanner but its not that simple when Tanner is as known the schools bad boy,player and heart breaker will she trust him?


1. Brown

I run my fingers down his cest to his hard abs. Tanner O'brian the sexy creek god.He was still asleep. He breathed peacefully and his eyes were closed. "Morning beautiful." He said with raspy morning voice. "Hey." I smiled. He looked me and his brown eyes sparkled as he looked me. He flipped us around and run his hands on my waist. "Your skin is so soft and warm." He whispered as he run his lips on my shoulder to my neck. He looked my lips and leaned closer. He kissed me softly and gently he run his tongue to my bottom lip. Everytime when he run his fingers on my body i felt butterflies and other things. But i wasnt Tanners girlfriend. I was in his bed he on top of me,but nothing sexual. He didnt want me like that. Even that he told me that i was beautiful he never went further. Maybe i wasnt good enough. But we kissed a lot. "We need to get to school." I said. "No we dont." He said. I raised my eye brows. "I want to spend the day with you. I want to kiss you and feel your body against mine." He whispered to my ear. Driving me crazy. "And how long you decided to stay off the school?" I asked raising my eye brow. "If im with you. We wont go to school tomorrow or day after that...after that...and after that." He said kissing my cheek. "Tanner what are we?" I asked. "You are mine." i heard his husky voice and opened my eyes. it was just a dream. i have had these dreams god knows how many times. i was so in love with my best friend Tanner Flynn O'Brian aka heart breaker,man slut etc. i got up from the bed went to shower and made my self ready to school. i took my backpack and made my way down stairs. i heard car honk outside and the familiar sport car waited me outside. Tanner. i closed the front door. Tanners brown eyes sparkled as he saw me and he smiled showing his dimple. he was gorgelous like he always was. he never looked bad. hes black hair was messily and he was wearing t-shirt what showed his abs perfectly and some jeans. "Tasha!" he said. i stepped in his car.  "good morning beautiful." he purred and started the car. did he know what he made me feel when ever he called me that. i was in cloud nine.  "morning Tanner." i smiled. he gave me hot cup of chocolate and bread. he always made sure that i ate breakfast. he was so sweet. "thanks honey." i smiled. "you welcome darling." he said. soon we were at school. i felt sad cause i knew that those slutty girls would attach him right at the second when he stepped in the building. but he liked it. "Tantan!" Avery yelled as she saw him. she gave me disgusted look and turned back to Tanner. it was bit funny how these girls made sure that their shirts showed their boobs as they walked to Tanner. "hey." Tanner said lazily. soon he was surrounded by his friends and girls. i felt outsider again. "i will go to find Mindy." i said to Tanner who was middle of some conversation. "Okay sweet cheeks." he smiled and kissed my cheek. causing me to blush and girls look me with anger. i was scared. those girls didn't like me at all.i was scared to be in same room alone with them they would break me in two. i walked away to search my best girlfriend Mindy.

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