10 Pieces of Shattered heart

Lucy Clifford, is not having a good time being Michael Clifford's younger sister, she is facing a lot of hate. After losing their parents in a car accident Lucy loses her mind and decides that it would be best to quit school, change her name and live by herself, will Mikey let her do it !?


1. |Prelude|

Hello my name is Lucy T. Clifford; I am Michael Clifford’s baby sister, we had 2 years gap. As some of you may know being a celebrity’s sibling isn’t always the easiest thing.


ATTENTION: This Movella is marked YELLOW This story may contain, self-harm, anorexia, slang language (explicit) , and hot scenes.

If you do not feel comfortable with any the subject named below, please find a movella more appropriate or something you are more at ease to read. Thank you.


Out: August 26th 2014


It was Saturday morning and Mikey had his friends over, and since he did not want me to hang with them, so I had invited my boyfriend Jake. We were not dating for long, actually to be honest he was that new student, he was very tall, bleu-grey eyes, Colgate smile, very muscular, and he’s best feature, he was smart. I went to the bathroom to make my self pretty for him, we hadn’t planned anything special really, but he was like a 10, and me a solid 5,9 so I preferred making sure I looked hot and pretty each time I was with him. Then went downstairs, towards the kitchen, whilst opening the fridge I felt I big cold hand on my shoulder,

“-Go change yourself, you do not need to dress like you are going to go clubbing

-No, I don’t want to, what’s the deal? I said pushing him away

-Lucy Tessa Clifford!


-If you don’t get dressed properly I’ll just send your friends back home

-Well do it Michael, I don’t even care, I announce going back upstairs”

I was determined to see Jake, so badly, that the moment I closed my room door, I grabbed my phone and texted him, telling him to wait for me at the back door. I put a jacket out, to avoid Mikey’s annoying reflections, and snuck out the backdoor. 

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