10 Pieces of Shattered heart

Lucy Clifford, is not having a good time being Michael Clifford's younger sister, she is facing a lot of hate. After losing their parents in a car accident Lucy loses her mind and decides that it would be best to quit school, change her name and live by herself, will Mikey let her do it !?


3. ||Chapter Two| I hate everything, but you||

Lucy’s POV:

Ah Monday school day, a place where you have friends and love and support… Wait a minute, that’s not the right story, a place of love and support and friends, No! No! No! And No! Being Michael Clifford’s sister everyone either hated me or envied me, and none of them were favorable, I went to normal school because the idea of being homeschooled freaked me out for some completely random reason. Oh and on my lucky days I’d even get bullied. It was another long week that was about to start and it was only the first day of the second week of the third month of school.  Considering I was still feeling a bit ill even tho I followed the doctor’s instructions’, I was not ready to face reality and on top of that I was worried about seeing Jake around. But that was the way it was everyday, plus thinking of the devil here he is with his all so prefect appearance, and his all not so perfect kindness, he walked to me and tried talking but it ended up being a one way convo with himself. I just could not stand him, every single thing about his perfect smile, the way he smells, walks, kisses, looks at me nothing, I walked to the bathroom to take my pills as I felt the migraine coming back. But unexpectedly I crossed Cassandra Pear in the bathroom, this girl was the human definition of a bitch, and we both really hated each other, and that was even before Mikey became Michael Clifford, and I got the nametag Michael Clifford’s sister. We both starred at each other for quite a while. Then a turned my entire body facing the mirror grabbed my pills and my water bottle and did what I had to do, I was to exhausted to even hear the reflection she was making about me, when I walked out she shouted,

“-Hey, by the way I might know who Mac is?

-What do you want with me, Cass’?

-What puts you on the defensive?

-Even if you were not lying I do not care about what you or Jake know so please drop it, I don’t have time for you bullshit right now.”

I walked out on her and headed to my first period class, which on Monday was always Mrs. White’s art class.


At lunch time since Jane was still enjoying her vacation I had sat alone, only waiting for the worst to come, but this I was fine lets that not once since the end of summer I had put a blade to my wrists, starved myself or cried myself to sleep because of stupid reflections. But then it had finally happened Samantha and her click came and sat at my table like everyday to ask the same lame question about Michael.


As I ran out of my last period I bumped into Cassandra, she pulled me to the corner and started to judge every aspect of me:

“-Why are you running?

-Why do you care? Now let go of my shirt or else.

-Or else what? You wouldn’t even dare so anything to me”

but what she did not know was that I felt really nauseous, I was planning to let it out on her, but decided to push her out of the way and ran to the closest trash can. And as I though, the first thing that came to her mind was shouting

“-Jake knocked Lucy up”

In about 10 seconds I felt every one eying me, and talking on my back, judging and laughing, even if I knew I was all lies I ran of rushing through the crowd as fast as could, when I reached a ‘safe area’. I dropped to my knees, I was angry, disgusted and completely lost in a cocoon of sadness., got back to my senses whipped the tears of my face with the back of my hand, and walked home. When I got home the boys where still there, I had no idea what was up with this sleepover that last for what seemed to be an infinity long. I briefly said hi to them and ran into my bathroom forgetting to lock the door behind me, after puking my guts out I decided to take a bath to forget about everything that had happened to today, I made to bath water run until it got high enough not forgetting to put relaxing bubble bath soap. I got undressed and hoped into my slightly to hot bath, but each time I’d close my eyes to horrible souvenir’s kept coming up, I let out a small scream before holding mouth closed with my left hand hoping no one had heard me, I got out and decided to get dressed. I went downstairs to the kitchen to grab some food, my bath did not turn out to be as relaxing as I though I was in a killing mood, like when you are waken to go to school after spending all night on Tumblr. I opened the fridge and got an apple out, as I nit into it I heard Mikey direct his voice towards me:

“-How’s your day

-Fine, I said very oddly, I could hear the boys saluting me from the living

-Why’d you scream then, the atmosphere suddenly because tense

-I saw you face on a pictures and freaked out because OMG! You are so cool, so perfect! Omg. I finally said jokingly

-Do you also want an autograph?

-Yeah totally, I already am ‘so blessed’ have you as my brother, I said in a irritated tone”

“I feel like this day is only going to get better I mumbled very sarcastically as I maid my way towards the stairs remembering I had this concert I’d planned to go to with Jane but since she wasn’t there I guess I might have to go solo. Yes it was during a school night so what? Y.O.L.O People! Alright this Yolo thing was random and I personal think its stupid but then again that’s probably just me. I got into my room, opened my dresser I got out the most metal/rock outfit I could find: Black studded boots, black very tight ripped skinny jeans, my favorite “Of Mice & Men” shirt and all my stud bracelets, I put on my snake bites which I did no wear usually for no particular reason to be honest, changed my blue closed plugs* into black opened ones who fit me way better. Got into my bathroom and applied I thin coat of eye liner, and a lot of mascara to give volume, I was finally ready to go, the concert was still in 2 hours but rather be ready before plus it kept me from thinking about all the rest that had happened today. When I walked out of my room I bumped into Ash,

“-Hey, where are you going like that?

-A concert

-Cool, going with anyone?

-Was supposed to go with Jane but she’s still on vacation

-Where’s the spare ticket?

-You don’t even know who’s concert I am going to!

-Of Mice & Men!?

-How’d y-

-Your shirt idiot

-Shut up. Yes I do.

-You do

-The ticket idiot, I smirked

-Can I take you?

-Do you mind mosh pits?

-I’m in! He smiled

-Wait a minute; what if Mikey says you can’t go with me? I said half joking

-I think he will say yes.”

He grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me downstairs,

“-Hey Mikey can I bring her to her concert?

-I thought you were going with Jane, he said turning to face me

-She is still on vaca’ and I’ve got a spare ticket

-Okay, don’t bring her back to late”


Ashton’s POV:


After the concert I asked Lucy is she’d be okay to hang out and go to Starbucks, I was not surprised when she had said yes this girl had been moshing and singing and “dancing horribly” for 2 hours flat but yet she was still wide awake and full of energy. We decided to walk, the circulation was crazy and the Starbucks wasn’t that far, when we arrived she ordered a Mocha Chip Frappuccino and I took a Vanilla Cappuccino we sat down at a table placed near a window from which we could see the stars. It was already midnight by the time we had reached the car. We walked into the doorway laughing,

“-Do you know that you are an insane 17 year old girl?

-Oh really!

-Yeah really I never though that you’d actually mosh!
-Hahaha, she laughed, well I am sorry if I like doing dangerous things, why didn’t you join were you scared?

-No, I was worried about you, if anything had happened to you Mikey would’ve probably ripped my head off

-No he wouldn’t stop being silly.

-I am not being silly at all, I don’t if you realize how much he cares about you.

-Stop making jokes.

-Anyways you need to get to sleep tomorrow you’ve got school and it past your bed time, I said”


Lucy’s POV


We had just gotten home from the concert, and after discussing for an hour, I was ordered to go to bed,

“-No way.

-Yeah way, unless you want you brother to kill me

-I can live without you

-No you can’t, he said walking towards me”

Ash garbed me by the waist pulling me even closer to him so close I could feel his hot breath on my neck, his lips got closer to mine until they touched, I was like paralyzed, I was not sure of what was happening, a part of me was telling me to push him away but the other wanted more.

“-Don’t you have to go to bed? I hear from behind I pushed Ash away and turned around


-I did not know you two were together.

-We are not, I said rushing past him”

I got into my room feeling weird, the sentence I do not like Ash kept running through my mind, or to be honest that’s what I was trying to convince myself of.

Ashton’s POV:


Mikey had walked on us kissing, and now Lucy had locked herself in her room completely ignoring me, my calls my text she hadn’t even went to school that day, hadn’t come down to get any breakfast, and concerning Michael he was getting over “as fast as he could”. Niall and Harry had left early in the morning leaving only me, Mikey and Luke. To be totally honest I had no idea why I had kissed her, well I liked her but that I guess she already knew my bigger worry at the moment was –as selfish as it may sound- did she like me back.


At about 11am she finally got out of her room, she walked passed me not noticing her brother or Luke pushed me against the wall and asked,

“-What the hell was that about last night? Do you thing that just because I give you a spare concert ticket you have the right to kiss me?

-It was just…

-It was just what Ashton; please tell what it was because right now I am lost.

-Forget it.

-Forget. Are you kidding me right now?

-Lucy I am sorry.

-I don’t need your apologies Ash, all I needed you to be was respectful

-Respectful? I said giving her a confused look

-Don’t at dump Ash it’s not like you don’t know that I just got out of a relationship

 -Well I’m sorry I forgot, sorry I kissed you, and I also sorry I like you if that what you want to hear, now can you please let go of me, I half yielded at her

-No that’s was the last thing I needed to hear especially from you, she announced almost crying

-Then what did you want to hear, tell you did not realize Lucy go ahead, you perfectly knew about, so what are you complaining about right now? I cannot stop liking you on command nor can I erase what happened last night, do you get that?

-Just get out Ash, get out of here.

-What if I do- Not having the time to finish my sentence that she scram

-Go, just leave, I don’t want to see, and don’t call or text me anymore. Just please get out”

She went back downstairs leaving me here speechless well not quit, Michael came towards me and polite asked me to leave, so well guess what? I left. Not feeling proud of what I had said but at least now I was fixed on the fact that Lucy hated me, or really did like me.


Mikey’s POV:

“-Lucy let me in.


-Luce, open the door!

-Michael, just leave me alone.

-I won’t move from here unless you let me in

-Do whatever you want”

I stayed in front her until she walked out I grabbed her by the arm,

“-Where do you thing you are going?

-Some place called school, now let go of me i already missed 3 periods.

-Lucy, you are going to school?

-Yes Mike, you heard me now seriously just let me go.

-When are you getting yourself back home? I said letting her go, as she walked past me

-I don’t know, don’t wait for me”

I followed her downstairs to check if she wasn’t taking my car –a bad habit of her since she did not have her license yet-


Lucy’s POV:


Obviously I was not going to school, what was Mike thinking, like really? As I was walking towards Starbucks I grabbed my phone and dialed Jane’s number, and as I expected she was not picking up, I walked into the coffee shop and got myself a Mocha Chip Frappuccino like always, and sat at a table. I had called Jane for about the millionth time, I did not even drink half my Frappuccino yet. I got up tossed it in the trash and took a walk; I could not believe she was not picking my calls up, but the thing that was running through my head since a while was bothering me way more than her not picking up. How could I be so dump? I had just kicked out one of the person I loved the most excluding Mike and my parents of course. Should I go to his house? Should I apologies? Lucy do something, I kept repeating to myself, when I finally looked up I was right in front of Ash’s house.





Author’s note:

Of Mice & Men are Awesome I love them, they are my favorite band ever.



One day I was walking in the school with my best friend and I was wearing my Nirvana shirt, this girl from a grade higher then mine came to me and told she loved this BRAND so much. I punched her square I the face and walked away. I did not punch hard, she was not bleeding or anything but seriously a BRAND!



*Plugs: Will put a picture below.


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