10 Pieces of Shattered heart

Lucy Clifford, is not having a good time being Michael Clifford's younger sister, she is facing a lot of hate. After losing their parents in a car accident Lucy loses her mind and decides that it would be best to quit school, change her name and live by herself, will Mikey let her do it !?


4. ||Chapter Three| You and I||

Ashton’s POV:

I had just got out of the shower when I heard a knock on the door; I grabbed my towel and opened it to find my self face to face with Lucy.
“-Can you let me in, she said
-Two conditions! I said stepping back to let her in
-Sure, what are they? She said heading inside 
- 1) Do not kill me; 2) Stop being mean to me.
-I was not going to kill neither was I mad at you.
-Oh really, so please explain yourself for this morning.
-I was tired that’s it, she walked up to me, can we talk now?
-Sure can I at least put something, I do not feel comfortable like this.
-You’ve got five minutes, if Mikey finds at I am not at school he will cut me.
I rushed into my room and picked up some underwear and then put my pants on as I was putting I white button shirt Lucy came into my room,
“-Five minutes over!
-No But’s, I have to talk to you it is unbelievably important.
-Okay Ma’am”
We walked back to the living I got us two drinks of water an we both sat on the couch,
“Ash, I am sorry
-Excuse me? I said, not because I did not hear her but because I wanted her to say it again.
-You heard me idiot. 
-What happens next, do we just forget about what happened, to we work things out do we- before I could finish talking her soft lips were on mine, I held her closer to me to enjoy every ounce of this magical moment, and then my phone started going off, what a way to ruin things. It was Michael. I had to pickup I pulled away form the kiss and answered:
“-Hey wassup Mate, I am sorry for Lucy this morning, she can be a real pain when she wants.
-Uhm, Yeah it’s fine don’t worry about it, I said nervously as Lucy gave me a questioning look
-Okay, catch you up later”
I pulled Lucy into a hug, ignoring her questioning look, 
“Lucy, what are we doing?
-I like you Ash, I’m sorry…I like you.
-I like you to.
-I’m sorry, she whispered slowly burying her face in my neck.”

Lucy’s POV

I had stayed at his flat for almost the entire afternoon, this was wrong, we both knew it, what he tells Michael? What if he hurts me? What about Jak-.. no no no I like Ashton and we will figure something out..
“Hey Luce” he said, “What have you been thinking about? You seem to be lost in your thoughts” 
I looked up at his light brown ‘almost hazel’ eyes and said “Us. Well if there is a Us, because there is going to be a Us then we need to figure our shit out” 
He gave me a confused look then replied “I want you and I to become a Us” he sighted before continuing “But how do you expect Us to be, when your older brother might kill both ‘you and me’ if he ever finds out?”
“I don’t know yet but as long as we are not an official couple we need to keep it a secret” I let out a smirk hoping he would not realize I wanted Us to become official a.s.a.p. I guess he saw through my game and said, “Let’s go on a real date, like just the both us” 
I gave the most obvious confused look ever and announced “Hum, have you just forgotten, Mikey does not know about ‘us’ and most importantly when you left he told me to forget about you” which I blurt out without realizing him starting straight into my blue-grey eyes waiting for the right moment to shut me up with a kiss “ASH!? Snap out of it! Are you even-” and I guess he judged that moment right, his soft lips joined mine in about a split second are lips were moving in perfect sync, I could feel his tongue on my bottom lip begging for entrance I split my lips to let him in, it felt good, really good, way to good to be true. His hands moved down from my back to my lower hips as he laid me down on the couch, I kissed his neck softly and gave him a ‘love mark’ on his right side’s collar bone, I could feel his hands getting lower as I started unbuttoning his shirt, he then picked me up bringing me upstairs and into he room, he pushed me gently on his bed and got back on top of me I could feel his boner on my thigh, but in this very moment it did not bother me, I felt safe here in his arms, and couldn’t literally wish for a better way to lose my virginity, but then the doorbell rang.

Ashton’s POV

My hands moved down from her back to her lower hips as I laid her down on the couch, she kissed my neck softly and gave me a ‘love mark’ on my right side’s collar bone, my hands got lower as she started unbuttoning my shirt, I then picked her up and brought her upstairs, into my room, I pushed her gently onto my bed and got back on top of, but then the doorbell rang.

I kissed her one last time put my shirt back on I wished on the stars for my boner to disappear, I gave her a sigh letting her know I’d be back a.s.a.p. Thankfully when I opened the door it was no one else then the postman. I got back upstairs, and walked into the room laid close to her, she was on her phone, replying to a text message from someone, then said, “Ashton. I am really gonna have to get going before Michael starts wondering where I’m at”
“Do you need a ride?”
“No, thank you.” She got off the bed fixed her hair so that her hickey (or love bite, however you prefer calling it) was no longer visible. I walked her downstairs; she grabbed her shoes I was about to kiss her goodbye when her phone started going off, I could tell by the way she was looking at her phone that it was something important.
When she had left, I stayed there in my king-sized bed, thinking of her, her lips, her smile, her waist, her thighs, her eyes, her incredible personality, just Everything about her made me want to fight for her more, spend every seconds of my life with her, ‘Ashton, mate, I think you might be falling in love’ I thought to myself. 

Lucy’s POV

‘On the way home I had bumped into Cassandra who like always decided to make me feel like I was worth nothing, which usually worked out pretty well, I will not annoy  you with this moment of complete solitude, I arrived home feeling like nothing could ever make me feel worse, but Mikey’s reflections did not help me feel any better at all’

Once I got home from Ash’s place I went straight into the kitchen to check if Mikey was in there, and he actually was (which to be honest I did not except at all.)
“I thought you were at school” he said with a slightly annoyed tone, “I was at-” 
“No you were not Lucy Clifford, I went to school to check on you and you were not there” He cut me off, while he almost shouted. “Wait? So now I need a babysitter? Mikey I can take care of myself, and the fact that I was not at school is none of you busyness, because you have no idea how much of a hell that place is to me, you cannot and will probably never understand, not if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get myself something to eat, and then lock myself back in my room” I shouted back, “What do you mean I can’t understand?” he said pointing a finger at his own self, before continuing “I also did not like school, so what? No big deal Lucy, we all hate teachers and school for that matter, did not mean anything tho, does not give you and excuse for skipping classes” I could feel my eyes filling up with tears, I started walking away before shot back “This is exactly what I meant, Michael, you don’t understand”
Truly, Madly, Deeply huh? Those three words kept repeating in my mind, as I felt the razorblades cut through my skin, some people say it makes you feel more alive, others say that it makes you forget about emotional pain for a couple minutes, which (I hate to admit) weren’t completely wrong assumptions or statements… What is so wrong about a 17-year-old girl trying to commit suicide in her bathroom, while listening to Nirvana records? Everything, Maybe if I cut deeper and harder I will sleep forever, I thought as I felt my body collapse in a small lake, of my own blood. 
Am I gone, is this how it feels to be dead? This sensation of freedom, where am I? I was lost in a sea of thought, until I felt a bright light into my eyes, I slightly and slowly opened them, to realize I was not dead, I was in what seemed to be an ambulance, Mikey was holding my right hand tightly; I could see (even tho my vision was blurred) I group of people dressed in white clothing, I could here voices but not what they were saying I could feel my left wrist still bleeding. After about 5 minutes of total confusion everything became clear, a man I white started asking me questions,
“Can you hear me?”
I blinked two or three times before answering, “Where are… are you taki… taking me?”
Where am I ffs. Someone please pull me out of the dark! I looked around, my eyes crossed Michael’s and for the first time in ages he did not seem to be mad at me, I let out an unintentional smile, before everything turned black again. Someone lead me out of here… Those were my last thoughts in that very moment.


Sorry Short chapter, just i had to update. Hope you like it... By the way follow my twitter? @laulove100

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