10 Pieces of Shattered heart

Lucy Clifford, is not having a good time being Michael Clifford's younger sister, she is facing a lot of hate. After losing their parents in a car accident Lucy loses her mind and decides that it would be best to quit school, change her name and live by herself, will Mikey let her do it !?


2. ||Chapter One| I am not a baby anymore ||

||Chapter One| I am not a baby anymore ||


It was Saturday morning and Mikey had his friends over, and since he did not want me to hang with them, so I had invited my boyfriend Jake. We were not dating for long, actually to be honest he was that new student, he was very tall, bleu-grey eyes, Colgate smile, very muscular, and he’s best feature, he was smart. I went to the bathroom to make my self pretty for him, we hadn’t planned anything special really, but he was like a 10, and me a solid 5,9 so I preferred making sure I looked hot and pretty each time I was with him. Then went downstairs, towards the kitchen, whilst opening the fridge I felt I big cold hand on my shoulder,

“-Go change yourself, you do not need to dress like you are going to go clubbing

-No, I don’t want to, what’s the deal? I said pushing him away

-Lucy Tessa Clifford!


-If you don’t get dressed properly I’ll just send your friends back home

-Well do it Michael, I don’t even care, I announce going back upstairs”

I was determined to see Jake, so badly, that the moment I closed my room door, I grabbed my phone and texted him, telling him to wait for me at the back door. I put a jacket out, to avoid Mikey’s annoying reflections, and snuck out the backdoor.  Jake was, out there already,

“-You are late!

-I am sorry for being late, Mikey was being an ass, so had to sneak out.

-It’s okay let’s go, my car is right there.

-You drive?

-Uhm, yeah.”

We got into “Jake’s” car, I had a very bad feeling about this, and he drove me to some very weird place, there was lots of dark streets, and strange people. After a couple minutes of riding in weird places, he stopped near a prison.

“-Jake baby, where are we?

-Oh just have to visit my brother.

-What!? Wait, I am sorry but I do not remember you telling you had a brother in prison, oh wait again, I said seeing him opening his mouth to get a lame excuse out, you never told me you even had a brother!? I said extremely irritated

-Well now you know, why are you so mad Mac, umh I mean Lucy.

-Who’s Mac!? You know what I’m out; just forget, about me, us. Everything! I said, getting out of the car.

-Hey wait how are you going to go home.

-I’ll find a way, just loose my number.”

I started walking, for about two flat hours, Jake was blowing up my phone so much that the moment I stepped into my house, forgetting Mikey was not supposed to know a wasn’t there I threw my phone against the wall I broke down, I fell to the floor, head in my hand knees to my face. I was completely lost, and I did not know why I was even crying, why was I so upset about small things? When I stood up, I walked to the kitchen to wash my face up in the sink; after that I took a shower, then ran to my room and locked myself in it for the rest of the day.


At dinnertime, Michael knocked on my door and told me to come down stairs:

“-Hey Luce dinner’s ready.

-Alright, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.

-Are you okay you sound funny!?

-I am fine, I said, Just let my get dressed please.


I put my pajamas on and went downstairs; some of Mikey’s friends were still there: Ashton, Harry, Luke and Niall. I grabbed my chair and sat between Ash and Hazza*, They had ordered pizza, I took a piece of the margarita one, because I was vegetarian.

We were about to all get deserts when Mikey asked me:

“-Hey what happened to your phone? I found it completely destroyed on the entry floor.

-It’s nothing really; I’ll buy a new one someday, don’t worry about it.

-Sure, he said with his suspicious voice, and face expression.”

I got up to grab the desert, which were small cupcakes and muffins, Ash proposed to help me and followed along. When we got into the kitchen Ash grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him (we were pretty close but I only considered him as my best friend), looked me straight in the eyes and said:

“-Why are you lying to your self, you do not look okay to me.

-Ash, this is nothing really, I said as he put his hands on my waist pulling me closer and closer to him.

-Lucy, if there was anything going on you’d tell me? Right?

-Of course I would, I’ve always told you anything anywa- I was cut half-through my sentence by Niall shouting:

-What takes you guys so long?”

I gently stepped back from Ashton’s arms, and we both got out of the kitchen with the cupcakes and muffins.



After inner I told to guys I was going to bed, which obviously wasn’t true, but what I did not know was that the boys were staying over night. Like every night I grabbed my computer put on my favorite Nirvana song on and got on got on Skype. After 10 minutes of loud blasting music I heard a Skype call, I pause my music and answered, it was my best friend Jane:

“-Hey Luceee! I miss you so much, Oh my god, it is so amazing here I really wish you could’ve come with me… Hey, something’s wrong with my home girl right there, what’s going on again?

-It’s Jake, he is a liar, a cheater, and I am so stupid for even ever have accepted to date him.

-What happened?

-He took me to this weird place, which turned out to be a prison, where his supposed, “bother” is in.

-Since when does he even have a brother?

-And wait the best part is that he said quoted “Well now you know, why are you so mad Mac, umh I mean Lucy.” Who the hell is Mac?

-Are you okay, you are like speaking so fast?

-I am not.

-You know what just forget about that. Boys suck we all know that now put a smile on you face.

-Thanks, I’ve got to go, oh and I kinda threw my phone against the wall so don’t try and call me.

-You are an idiot Lucy, goodnight.”


The next morning I woke with a horrible migraine, as soon as I got up I ran into my bathroom and threw up my entire stomach. I then grabbed the emergency kit I took a painkiller and went downstairs I grabbed a blanket and laid down on the couch, a couple minutes later I heard footsteps coming downstairs, it was Ashton,

“-Hey are you okay?

-I don’t know I have a migraine and I threw up earlier this morning, I said hardly sitting up

-Did you eat anything this morning?


-Want anything?

-I am fine.”

He sat next to and gave me a hug, I had a very bad feeling about this, if Michael saw us hugging he’d go crazy, I really love since he is my brother, but I have a feeling he is way to overprotective with me. The way he put his arm around just maid me feel so safe, I put my head on his chest, I could feel his heart beat it was very fast, in about half a second later mine to started beating for fast I have afraid he’d hear it. After 5 minutes of cuddling he put his hand on my forehead and said:

“-Lucy, you are burning hot, maybe you should go see a doctor

-No, I said taking his hand of forehead; it’s just a small headache it’ll pass.

-You said that you threw up, earlier.

-Okay Ash, lets make a deal. If I throw up again I’ll go see a doctor.

-That’s not how it works, get we are going.

-I need to tell Michael first”

I tried getting up, but with no success, Ash gave that look that said “doctor, doctor” then helped me up. He put one arm around me and helped me upstairs; I went to my room and asked him to wait out while I get dressed. We then walked to Mikey’s room, and told them we were going to the doctor, and like always my over overprotective brother decided he’d come with us, what a surprise! We got in the car and Mikey said he’d drive, I went to the back, and Ash follow up to “check on me”, Uh hello world I am not 12 and can check on myself by myself. But at the moment I was way to tired I sick to even say anything, I started to feel like I was going to faint or something similar, and my vision was getting blurry, to be fairly honest I was beginning to freak out badly. After what seemed to be an eternity to me we arrived at the hospital. An like always a bunch of groupies got all around my brother and Ash, so I decided to walk my myself, they’d catching up anyway since I can’t even walk fast.


After a series of tests, the doctor came to announce that it was just stress, and that it would, past, so basically I felt like I had wasted a great part of my morning, to learn that I am just too overwhelmed and stressed, I took to medicine prescribed my the doctor in the hospital’s pharmacy, and walked back to the car, as always Michael was still around the and not as in because he is Michael Clifford but because he liked having a bunch of groupies around him. Ash was waiting in the car:

“-What’d he say?

-That I have nothing in particular

-Is that all? Really?

-And also and am too stressed, too overwhelmed and that I did not sleep enough

-That’s not nothing to me.

-Can I ask you something Ash?


-Why are you so nice with me, well actually why do you waste your time with me?

-I am not wasting any of the time I spend with you, he announce putting his hand in mine, actually I enjoy spending time with you.

-But you are like 20 and I am only 17, what could be possibly interesting about being friends with someone so young and unstable. Especially when I know that Mikey would kill you if he knew how close we are.

-Well then he will probably kill me someday plus, you’ve got I boyfriend so why should he worry about us being close.

-Yeah, I said turning my head and pulling my hand back

-Did I say something wrong?

-Don’t worry about it.

-Luce, what did I say?

-Ash, Jake and I are over that’s it I don’t want to talk about it, lets go get Michael.


-If you don’t drive I will.

-Its fine, I will drive I just wan-



-No. Now Shut Up and Drive”

We got Mikey and drove home when we arrived I took to pills to doctors had given me and laid back down on the couch. Luke and Harry were up, but not as surprising as it may seem Niall was still in bed. I ask Ash to go to my room and grab my computer because I’d never thrust my brother going in there, it would be way to dangerous, so for my own sake I sent someone I could thrust. When I got my computer the first thing I did was order a new phone, and while the boys were in the other I decided to listen to my skype voice mails, I had to make sure they weren’t there but I didn’t have my ear phones with me. The 10 last messages were from that idiotic Jake Turner, I had hesitated for a flat 2 minutes before deciding to listen to them, all I was hearing was lame excuses and than very impolite stuff that I will not state, for personal reasons. The last message thankfully was one of Jane’s and was like always pretty joyful.



*Hazza: Harry’s old nickname that was given to him by Louis.



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