10 Pieces of Shattered heart

Lucy Clifford, is not having a good time being Michael Clifford's younger sister, she is facing a lot of hate. After losing their parents in a car accident Lucy loses her mind and decides that it would be best to quit school, change her name and live by herself, will Mikey let her do it !?


6. ||Chapter Five|Bad News over Bad News|2|

Ashton's POV

"sorry" she whispered as she pulled away from the kiss.

"what are you sorry about?" I said pulling her back into my arms.

"Forget it. Just. kiss me" she whispered bring her face closer to mine, our lips touched once again, and moved in perfect sync. I pulled away from the kiss and told her I would go get Mikey. I walked out of the room to find Michael sitting on the floor his head in his arms...crying..I guess.

"Hey mate, you okay" I whispered loud enough for him to hear

"It's all my fault, Ashton, I am the one who told her horrible stuff and now she's in a goddamn hospital bed, and she probably hates me" he looked up tears filling his eyes.

"Michael, your sister does not hate you, and she never will, and she needs you now more than ever so go wipe those tear for your get in there and and be the best brother a girl could with for."


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